Entrepreneurial Winning Women Turkey

Class of 2017

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EY - Arzu Rona Arzu Rona

Beş A Electronics
General Manager

Arzu Rona has a degree in Mechanical Engineering in Yıldız Technical University Faculty of Engineering. She is the founding partner and General Manager of the Istanbul-based Beş A Electronics. Beş A, founded in 1995, operates in the lighting electronics sector having engaged in design and production of Emergency Guidance Systems, Emergency Lighting Kits and LED driver products in Turkey. The products designed in its TUV Rheinland certificated R&D have been certificated by international institutions such as TSE, TUV Rheinland, TUV SUD and BSI as the firm is managed in compliance with the ISO 9001 Standards and quality management systems. In pursuit of the developing lighting technologies, she develops projects backed by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBİTAK) and also cooperates with the universities placing emphasis on such University & Industry cooperation. With “Being among the pioneering firms representing Turkey overseas in 2020” vision, and in addition to the sales in the domestic market, products are exported to 11 countries. Further to her memberships in the Turkish National Lighting Committee (ATMK) and Turkish Lighting Luminaires Manufacturers Association (AGID), Rona is also the representative of Turkey in the works of Lighting Europe/Emergency Lighting Working Group.

EY - Aslı Demet Şarman Aslı Demet Şarman

Wicasa Group
Managing Partner

Aslı Demet Şarman is a graduate of Boğaziçi University’s Tourism and Management undergraduate programs. After getting a Management Graduate degree on Sales and Integrated Marketing in Switzerland on a private scholarship in 1994, she commenced her career as mid-level and senior manager at some national and international top companies in tourism and telecommunication sectors. As of 2003, she founded Credo Consultancy focusing on CRM projects. In 2009, she affiliated the Credo Consultancy company to Wicasa Group and continued her services as Loyalty Marketing, Digital Marketing and CRM Agency. Wicasa Group’s loyalty activities and database based marketing studies were awarded from DPID, ISCA and Loyalty Awards between 2010 and 2015. She functions as the managing partner at Wicasa Group with her memberships in the Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey (KAGİDER), WPO, Arya Women Investment Platform.

EY - Gonca Ergün

Gonca Ergün

RGN İletişim Hizmetleri
Chairperson of the Executive Board

Following her high school education, Gonca Ergün began her career in a law firm in 2001. Upon her idea that the obligors against whom execution proceedings are conducted are telephoned in order to be persuaded in respect of fulfilment of their obligations, she has functioned as the operation manager in three different law firms between the years 2001-2009. As of 2009, having actualized RGN Communication engaged in the collection of receivables services and currently a member of Call Centers Association, she provides collection of receivables services to law firms, banks, telecommunication and retail companies. Ergün, who incorporated sales operations to her collection operations last year, is a member of Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey (KAGIDER), WeConnect and Financial Literacy and Inclusion Association of Turkey (FODER).

EY - Mukadder Aksoy

Mukadder Aksoy Tunç

Mavi Umut Eğitim Kurumları
Managing Partner

Mukadder Aksoy Tunç is a graduate of Mathematics Teaching Department of İnönü University. She is the founding partner Umut Education Services and Lidya Education and Industry Services located in Istanbul. Tunç, who entered the sector by tutoring in 1999, opened her first study center in Zeytinburnu in 2002. Since 2007, she has performed various studies relating to pre-school education institutions. She has specialized in this field and contributed to operation of 5 nurseries in Zeytinburnu. Following Zeytinburnu, she continued her operations in Yenibosna, Kocasinan and Esenyurt. Currently, there are 6 kindergartens, 2 Girls Dormitory for university students, 1 study center for examinations, 3 special education courses, 1 private primary school and 1 private secondary school within the scope of Mavi Umut Educational Institutions and approximately 2,500 students are provided with them. Tunç, who is a graduate of Goldman Sachs ‘10.000 Women’ Program, is the founding member of Zeytinburnu Erdemli Generation Association and ANESIAD.

EY - Nermin Atalay

Nermin Atalay

Ata Isı
General Manager

Nermin Atalay is a graduate of Public Relations Department of Anadolu University. She holds ISO 9000 internal auditor certificate. Atalay began her career in 1988 as technical draftsperson to carry out the technical drafting and designing tasks of the electric heaters. In 2000, she started her entrepreneurship career as a shareholder of Isı San Marketing company. As of 2004, she founded her private company named Ata Isı and started production in the same year. Ata Isı is engaged in manufacture of industrial electric heaters and tailor-made products. It also implements sale and distributorship of heat control devices, and dealership, importation and sale of heat-related special technical materials. The company, which has the most product variety in the electric thermostat sector, has realized the first domestic production of the open buffet food heater (Chafing dish) not produced in Turkey. Atalay, who is currently functions as the founding partner and general manager of Ata Isı, is also a member of the executive board of Bursa Business Women and Administrators Association (BUIKAD) and graduated from the Women Entrepreneur Executive School program of Bosphorus University Lifelong Learning Center.

EY - Özge Uzmay

Özge Baysal Uzmay

Aybi Baby
General Manager

Özge Uzmay graduated from Celal Bayar University Faculty of Business Administration in 2003. In the same year, she laid the foundations of Aybi Baby as she took part at each stage varying from establishment of the brand to its product development and marketing operations. The range of products initially comprised infant room textiles and accessories whereas products for newborn infants and safety products for infants were afterwards added thereon and currently, production and sale processes of 720 kinds of products are being conducted. Aybi Baby has been expanding its branding process in domestic and international markets and also continues to be the sales agent of Mayoral, one of leading infant clothing brands of Europe. Uzmay, who currently manages all process from design to sales, participated in Sabancı University’s Entrepreneur Development Program and she was awarded Innovation prize in 2007. She is a member of TOBB Women Entrepreneurs and İzmir Industrialists and Businessman Association (IZSIAD).

EY - Reyhan Arslan

Reyhan Arslan


Reyhan Arslan is a graduate of Karadeniz Technical University Department of Information Technologies and Programming. Arslan began her career in the sector as a software developer in a major software company and continued her works on technology marketing in telecommunication the agencies that serves software companies and the Silicon Valley. In 2010, together with her partner Oğuz Arslan, she founded Fırsat Bu Fırsat A.Ş. in US. Fırsatbufirsat.com is a marketplace where the services of enterprises providing service in tens of categories varying from food & beverage sector to accommodation. The firm which launched mekan.com and valiz.com with a total investment of 1.5 million dollars in 2013 also provides service to millions of users of Samsung via the ‘Galaxy Fırsatları’ application specially developed for Samsung Turkey with more than 3 million members. Arslan, who currently conducts the operations of firsatbufirsat.com, participates in events held at many domestic-foreign NGOs and universities as speaker within the context of supporting entrepreneurship. She actively implements mentorship activities at Girvak, Turk Telekom Pilot and TurkishWIN associations. 

EY - Şule Mene

Dr. Şule Mene

Mene Health Group

Dr.Şule Mene is an alumni of Trakya University Medical Faculty and Harvard University Business School Master of Business Administration. She evolved to become a clinical research associate after completing a certification programme in Canada focused on scientific excellency while she was working for a multinational pharmaceutical company. She stepped into the industry in 1996 being named as the first clinical research professional conducting clinical studies. She is the CEO of Mene Health Group where she is the founder. MHG is operating under Mene Research, Depot Meridian, Mene SMO, Meridian CSL, Mene Life Sciences Institute brands in Turkey, US and Switzerland as the first Turkish contract research  organization. Dr.Mene, who served as the Board Member of Turkish Association of Clinical Research, Life Sciences Committee Co-Chair at Licensing Executives Society International, still serves as the EUCROF Medical Device Working Group Co-Chair, ISEK Istanbul Health Industry Cluster Backup Member of the Board and member of SAKDER and KAGIDER. She is the award winner of Turkey’s Women Entrepreneur of the year 2016 and delivers speeches in national and international conferences, symposiums. She also issued some articles in the field of clinical research internationally.

EY - Tülin Akın

Tülin Akın

Tabit Agricultural Information and Communication Technologies
General Manager

When Tülin Akın was an Agricultural Marketing major student at Akdeniz University, she had farmers meet the information technologies for the first time by establishing the first agricultural communication and e-commerce site in Turkey, namely www.tarimsalpazarlama.com and to date, she has implemented quite a few projects as to the needs of farmers. Akın has provided education on many respects varying from the use of technology in agriculture to irrigation by reaching approximately 12,000 villages in Turkey as she transferred information to 1.4 million farmers. Her projects were taken as examples in 6 countries as Akın inspired implementation of the projects also in Egypt, India, Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya and New Zealand. She initiated Vodafone Smart Village project which is a new generation rural life model to fulfill the information needs of people living in the rural area and engaged in agriculture, to increase their productivity, profitability and accordingly, to enhance the quality of their lives by popularizing the use of technology. Akın is the laureate of 2007 E-Export Prize, 2012 Ashoka Fellow, 2012 JCI TOYP Most Successful Enterpreneur of The Year in Turkey Award, 2012 Anita Borg The Social Impact ABIE Award, 2013 Sabancı Foundation – ChangeMaker,  2013 TOYP World First Prize for Business, Economic, and Entrepreneurial Success, 2013 Garanti Bank – KAGIDERWoman Social Enterpreneur of The Year and nominated for NOBEL for the ‘Business for peace’ category in 2013.

EY - Zeynep Dicleli

Zeynep Dicleli Erdoğan

Optimist Publishing Group
General Manager

Zeynep Dicleli Erdogan graduated from Marmara University Department of Business Administration in 1999. She began her career in her high school and university years as she assumed office in various firms from logistics to finance department. In 2004, she started working in the Optimist Publishing Group as a family business and continued to work as a General Manager in 2014. Optimist Publishing Group is producing more than 60 books, magazines and publications in a year.  Under the leadership of Dicleli Erdogan, in addition to publication of books, the Digital Content Agency was established and achieved great success in 2015. Dicleli Erdogan took an active role in GYIAD between 2011 and 2016.