Ufuk Eren
A more effective health system depends on compatible and harmonious development of accessibility, quality and value-based health. Digitalization is the backbone of this entire ecosystem.

Ufuk Türkay Eren

EY Turkey Healthcare and Life Sciences Sector Leader

EY Turkey Healthcare and Life Sciences Sector Leader EY CESA Region Healthcare and Life Sciences Senior Advisor

Uzmanlık alanı Sağlık Yaşam Bilimleri

Ufuk Eren has worked in health and life sciences sector in various countries for many years and transfers his industry experience to EY by working as Sector Leader in EY.

  • Ufuk completed his bachelor's degree in Istanbul Technical University Electronics and Communication Engineering, and his master's degree in Boğaziçi University Biomedical Engineering and Istanbul University Hospital Management programs. Then, he completed the Executive MBA program at Boston Babson College.
  • He has extensive experience in Corporate Governance, Innovation Management and Investment in the health and technology sectors.

How Ufuk is building a better working world

"Consumers are used to new technologies in making their lives easier and speeding up any processes. They expect to see the convenience provided by these technologies in healthcare like any other areas of their lives; as more simple and more co-ordinated service. Therefore, healthcare institutions need to invest in technologies that will create a mobile, transparent and direct process in order to design the right patient experience. I offer guidance to healthcare institutions in all processes in adaptation and implementation of new technologies, and ensure that their operations continue without interruption during transition periods."