Category Award Winner【Green Innovation Entrepreneur Of The Year】

Steven Ko, Chairman

Hair O’right International Corp.

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Steven Ko, the Chairman and mastermind behind this green hair care brand, lost his parents to kidney disease and cancer in 2002, the same year in which Hair O’right International Corp. was established. Since then, Steven vowed to take protective measures against exposure to heavy metals and chemical substances, determined to introduce green hair care products to the market. In September 2006, aiming towards becoming a green brand, O’right devoted itself to achieving its mission of keeping people healthy and making the planet we live on an ecofriendly place with the brand vision “It’s O’right”: O symbolizes the beautiful earth we live on, and “O’right” is pronounced as “all right”, which represents our aim to do what is best for the earth.

Small steps can lead to big changes! From the raw materials used, design, production, delivery, usage, and recycling of green products, O’right has exerted efforts to eliminate all damages that could be inflicted upon the environment. O’right hair care products contain innovative premium amino acid-based, glucoside-based organic foaming agents and do not contain endocrine disrupting chemicals, colorants, plasticizers, or any other harmful substances. As a green advocator, O’right insists on using formulas that are not only healthy for people but also good for the environment. O’right believes in creating products that are healthy for people, the society, and the environment.

With Natural, Pure, Ecofriendly as the core concept, O’right endeavors to plant green seeds for the environment to give future generations a better and more sustainable lifestyle. In 2011, O’right invented the Tree in the Bottle, giving shampoo a brand new meaning and incorporating an innovative green power in the hair care industry. The Tree in the Bottle is the world’s first shampoo product that can grow into a tree. This inspirational, sustainable invention created a profound impact on numerous consumers. To this day, O’right has received international recognition for its innovative green products, winning multiple awards including a Gold Medal and Green Invention Award at iENA (Nuremberg, Germany), a Gold Medal and Special Award at INPEX (Pittsburgh, USA), a Gold Medal and Special Award at the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva (Switzerland), iF Design Award (Germany), and Red Dot: Best of the Best (Germany), among others.