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Pei-Lin Lee, President, CHC Healthcare Group

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Pei-Lin Lee
President, CHC Healthcare Group

With 40 year of hard works and dedication in medical industry, CHC Health Group has become well-established in radiation oncology, neuroscience, medical imaging, surgical procedures and ophthalmology. The group aims to introduce the latest medical technology and high quality healthcare service from all over the world. The group is able to establish strong foothold in medical service market and maintain its leading position by offering one-stop custom-built medical management service. The group has successfully worked with more than 30 large-scale medical care facilities to set up and manage oncology division, and is considered a critical part of promoting the advancement of oncology treatment center in Taiwan. The group is also the most comprehensive integrated cancer treatment equipment provider in Taiwan.

Since 2012 the group has been actively expanding to overseas market, initial success has been made in mainland China and CHC Health Group continue to seek growth on a global level. The goal is to expand into medical case markets of Asian-Pacific region including mainland China and Southeast Asia. CHC Health Group is to introduce Taiwan’s high quality medical care management strength to other parts of the world, maintain competitive edge in the industry, capitalize on emerging market opportunities and establish by CHC as the leader in medical care technology service provider in Asian-Pacific region. The group starts the works on developing a high quality living environment that caters the needs of senior population and establishing a model facility that offers high quality long tern healthcare service. Thus, facilitates the growth and development of high quality healthcare and living environment for Taiwan’s senior population.