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Our Law practice is undergoing global expansion so that we can serve our clients anywhere in the world.

EY Attorneys-at-Law delivers legal services that help minimize the gap between business advisors and legal counsel. Our lawyers understand the increasingly complex tax, regulatory and commercial laws of this global economy.

We provide holistic guidance around strategic business decisions and offer support services that can increase efficiency and reduce the cost of some routine legal activities. We believe access to legal advice that you can trust is essential to your success.

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Securities and Capital Market

  • Plan financial instruments, i.e. depositary receipt and negotiable securities.
  • Negotiate of syndicated loans.
  • Plan and facilitate financial assets securitization.
  • Assist both onshore and offshore companies in listing, capital increase and bond issuance.

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China and Out-bound Investment

  • Assist in investment structuring and providing legal analysis and risk evaluation of outbound investments.
  • Assist in establishing subsidiaries, branches and representative offices in China and other jurisdictions.
  • Assist in obtaining required government licenses and permits.
  • Arrange and coordinate foreign legal and financial counsels in China and other jurisdictions.
  • Review and draft joint venture agreements, promoters agreement, articles of incorporation and related contracts and documents.

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Corporate Matters

  • Review and draft corporate governance plans and bylaws.
  • Assist in convening shareholders’ meeting and board meetings.
  • Provide legal consultations on corporate operations, and assist in managing product development, import & export, distribution and representation, and the risk of technology authorization. 
  • Review and draft enterprise operation related contracts and documents.
  • Assist corporate clients in designing employee’s code of conduct, stock option plans and various compliance issues under the labor law.

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Merger and Acquisition

  • Assist in designing the M&A structure and forming acquisition strategies.
  • Assist in M&A Regulatory compliance.
  • Assist in conducting legal due diligence.
  • Review and draft related documents and agreements for stock purchase, buy-out and spin-off.
  • Provide tax planning and counseling.
  • Facilitate stock transfer in closing process.

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Dispute Resolution

  • Facilitate settlement negotiation and other voluntary dispute resolution.
  • Facilitate the negotiation with legislative representatives and government authorities.
  • Represent clients in litigation involving violation of relevant corporate codes, defamation, privacy invasion, trade secret, personal information, intellectual property and environmental laws.

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  • Provide legal training courses based on clients’ actual needs.

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