EY Ukraine sustainability report 2013 – 2014

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While our core business is all about delivering exceptional service to our clients, we know that if we attract and retain the best people – and invest in them – we will deliver the best results for our clients. We pride ourselves on having the highest performing teams and want to be a highly inclusive organization that creates an engaging environment where our people can develop to their full potential.

  • Creating the highest performing teams

    EY Ukraine is proud of EY’s culture of teaming. We know from experience and research that our best-performing teams are made up of highly engaged individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds. These teams excel by being adaptable and flexible without losing focus and by welcoming diverse views. They consistently use best-in-class approaches, tools and methodologies; undertake learning, experience and coaching; and are always focused on delivering the best results, rather than on where, when or how the work gets done.

    To support these teams, we are committed to continually provide our people with training that develops their skills, challenging client opportunities, a diverse workplace, flexibility and choice, and a framework to guide their career development.

  • Developing and supporting our people through world-class learning

    Helping EY Ukraine’s people to learn, develop and lead is fundamental to creating value for our people and our clients. At a global level, EY has a unique global career development framework called EYU, which focuses on learning, experiences and coaching.

    Tailored training

    EY Ukraine provides our people with access to high-quality formal learning through a structured organization-wide curriculum. It is accessible in a variety of formats.

    Monitoring and strengthening performance

    EYU links to EY’s global Performance Management and Development Process (PMDP). PMDP helps EY people monitor and direct their performance and align their efforts to the global organization’s strategic priorities. One of the most important element of PMDP is the conversations EY people have with their counselors as they build their careers.


    In addition to technical content, EY Ukraine people develop through coaching. We encourage as many coaching conversations as possible throughout the year, and our coaching curriculum enables people to develop their coaching skills as they progress.

    Developing leaders

    Developing leaders is fundamental to EY Ukraine’s future success. EY Ukraine is committed to develop our people and nurture lifelong relationships: creating outstanding leaders who bring their vision and skills to EY and who may then go on to other roles in industry, government and academia, joining the EY alumni network of more than a million EY brand ambassadors.

    Organising milestone events

    Those who are newly promoted to senior, manager, senior manager or executive director ranks are invited to milestone events. These face-to-face events follow a global format and combine a mixture of learning and celebration. Members of the leadership team, right up to the EY Global Chairman and CEO, play an active role at these events. For example, more than 2,600 new EY senior managers participated in milestone events in their Areas in FY14.

    Implementing strong leadership programs

    EY delivers tailored programs to develop our leaders, including:

    • Global NextGen is a two-year program that gives potential member firm partners the opportunity to respond to a series of challenges that will develop their leadership and entrepreneurial skills. It prepares them for their role as partners in a motivating and structured way and provides transparency around the partner promotion process.
    • Global Exchange Program provides high-performing seniors and managers the opportunity to go on 18 — to 24-month international assignments before returning to share their learning with colleagues.
    • New Horizons gives high-performing seniors the chance to undertake a three-month period of employment in another country.
  • Celebrating and supporting diverse talent

    EY Ukraine works hard to build a culture that celebrates and encourages diversity and inclusiveness, and our senior leaders set a positive tone from the top.

    When making decisions pertaining to hiring, promotion, performance evaluation and compensation, we do not discriminate people based on gender, nationality, religion or other factors. Performance of professional activities, professional competencies and extra efforts to build a better working world are the only factors that count.

    Defining D&I

    Diversity has to include the right mix of people within our workforce, including differences in gender, ethnicity, national cultures and subcultures within countries, sexual orientation, disability and generation, among others.

    Inclusiveness is the way EY member firms make that mix work. Put simply, it is about creating an environment where each person feels valued, is part of the community and is able to perform at their best.

    Inclusive leadership

    EY member firm leaders take overall responsibility for D&I within the country practice. They are accountable for driving this through the business — through hiring, succession planning and promotion — and in leading by example. EY has produced a toolkit to help member firm leaders communicate the importance of leading inclusively to our people, which shows how to turn the diversity of the global EY organization into competitive advantage and how working inclusively will help them build vital leadership skills. In addition, the Leadership Matters Program develops the inclusive leadership capabilities of most senior executives. The program explores the impact of unconscious bias, develops inclusive behaviors and inspires our current and future leaders to practice inclusive leadership.

    The workforce has never been more diverse. To build upon our positive momentum, EY is undertaking:

    • Training. Globally, EY offers enhanced cultural intelligence training that works across cultural borders on a day-to-day basis. This training explains the importance, and advantages, of greater D&I. Everyone brings social stereotypes and cultural experiences into how they make decisions, but it is possible to improve decision-making by recognizing the possible unconscious biases that might be at play. To help EY people do this, EY has developed an unconscious-bias toolkit and related training, which more than 11,400 EY people globally have completed to date, 36 people in EY Ukraine.
    • Active support of internal networks. EY has networks that help encourage and support different groups of member firm employees. These include women’s networks, LGBT networks, EY parents’ networks, disability working groups, faith networks, as well as networks that support caregivers and people affected by illness. At EY Ukraine, we support local EY networks for mothers and mobility program participants.
    • Providing tools. EY provides its member firms with tools that support D&I at work. These include GlobeSmart®, which provides business-related cultural information on more than 65 countries, helping people in their day-to-day interactions with colleagues, clients and others from other countries.
    • Enabling mobility and cross-border opportunities. Many EY Ukraine people undertake international assignments or transfers in order to fill a business need and to develop their careers.
    • Identifying incidents of discrimination. As an organization that celebrates and encourages diversity and inclusiveness, EY is a firm supporter of non-discrimination and would take immediate action to resolve any incidents that arose. To our knowledge, in FY14, EY Ukraine did not experience any reportable incidents of discrimination, nor did we have to take any action in response to an incident of discrimination.
    • Tracking progress. Setting targets and tracking progress helps keep EY’s focus on increasing D&I. Reflecting this, the leaders of each geographical area look at the D&I metrics and actively evaluate leadership and partner pipelines and promotion processes for member firms around the world. More broadly, EY measures how people feel about the work culture through a biennial EY Global People Survey. In the most recent survey, 80% of respondents in Ukraine felt that EY created an inclusive environment where people with diverse backgrounds and experiences can succeed.
  • Alumni club EY Ukraine

    EY has always prided itself on the quality of its professionals – around the world and here in Ukraine. We consider our alumni to be very important to our continued success. Many of them become clients or simply remain friends of the firm. We value the knowledge and strength they brought to the firm as employees and we appreciate the loyalty they continue to show as alumni.

    The Alumni Club launched activities in Ukraine in 2007 and since then has held annual events for former EY employees to meet with their friends at EY.

    The 7th Annual EY/Andersen Alumni Party took place on November 1, 2013. Around 200 former professionals from EY/Andersen came to meet old friends. At the Meat & Wine party guests took delight in networking in warm and welcoming atmosphere. Those who love and appreciate meat and wine joined an exclusive steak master-class by the Chef and a wine tasting.

  • Providing competitive compensation and benefits

    EY Ukraine wants our people to receive compensation that is highly competitive with prevailing employment market circumstances and business conditions.

    Compensation packages for all full-time employees in Ukraine include:

    • Free medical insurance for each employee and one immediate family member
    • Life and accident insurance, and insurance when travelling abroad
    • Annual vacation – 25 working days
    • 100% compensation for five days of sick leave during the year regardless of length of service and amount of salary
    • 2 additional paid days of leave on the occasion of a wedding
    • 3 additional paid days of paternity leave for new fathers upon childbirth
    • An additional paid vacation day for 0 days of absence due to illness during the year
    • Additional paid vacation days for those who spend more than 50 days a year on business trips.

    Creating a flexible workplace

    High-performance teaming relies on creating the right environment for EY Ukraine people — one that encourages collaboration and is flexible enough to meet the demands of the modern workforce, allowing people to work seamlessly across borders and manage their time effectively.

    EY Ukraine is developing a trust-based, work-anywhere environment: introducing new IT and communications technologies, redesigning and repurposing our offices, and supporting the health and well-being of our people.


    The Wellness program for the company’s employees and their children was developed and launched in EY Ukraine since 2011.

    The key areas of the Wellness program are:

    • Organization and support of sports events for the employees (such as summer bike ride, football, tennis, squash, paintball and ping-pong tournaments, marathons)
    • Events intended to maintain the employees’ health and promote a healthy lifestyle (Day of Health, massage in the office, etc.)
    • Events intended for active rest and informal communication between the employees (intellectual games club, public speaking club, decoration master-classes and hand-made charity fairs, photo contests and quests, painting master-class)
    • Sports and entertaining events for the employees’ children (kids sport festival ”We are the Champions”, different excursions and quests, New Year and Easter parties, etc).

    Supporting working families

    We have the following benefits for EY working mothers/parents:

    • Flexible time options
      • work from home (for Senior2/CBS Senior Specialist and above)
      • parents hour – one hour a day/five hours a week
      • part-time work
    • Learning opportunities while on maternity leave (certifications, EY training)
    • Additional payment for the first 12 weeks of maternity leave
    • Additional paid leave in case of child sickness (5 days)
    • Presents for newborn children
    • Medical insurance for kids
    • Agreement with a kindergarten near the office
    • Events for parents and kids

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