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Developing your career

Make your next career move with EY and you take a major step towards achieving your potential. The EY career development framework is called EYU – EY and you – and it will provide you with the skills, knowledge and confidence you need to take your career forwards.

And crucially there are opportunities to progress your career in the direction that most interests you. You are not defined by the area of the business you work in, nor will you only work on one kind of assignment. Instead, you’ll be given plenty of opportunity to get varied experience and explore different facets of our business.

Your development is at the heart of our culture. It contributes to an engaging and positive workplace for all, provides opportunities to reward and recognize you, and helps deliver a differentiated service to our clients. In short, it is the foundation for continued success – yours and ours. 

Learning never stops

There are two parts to our global learning curriculum. The first is designed to build your general business skills and acumen. The second is designed to constantly refresh and enhance your technical skills across our service lines so you can provide an enhanced service and in turn form better client relationships. There are also many structured opportunities to enhance your leadership and relationship skills.

We currently offer more than 16,000 courses on our learning management system. Last year, our people undertook more than six million hours of learning and completed over 700,000 courses.

You can use this system not only to deliver your learning, but also to validate that you have had the technical training you need from a regulatory perspective – wherever you are located in our global organization.

Our success – and our clients’ – depends on our people so we take their development seriously.

That’s why we invite our people to special milestone learning events as their career progresses, from Welcome to EY as a new joiner, through to the New Partner Program.

Up to 70% of an individual’s personal and professional development comes from every day experiences

We know that the most enriching, career-enhancing experiences are gained on the job, and we recognize this as a formal part of our career development framework. We do all we can to help you get the experiences you need to progress within our organization. With that in mind, we plan assignments in ways that not only give our clients high-quality service, but also provide you with the best environment for your career development whilst enhancing your relationship and leadership skills.

Using your skills in the community

We also encourage you to use your professional skills to give back to the community. This will not only benefit others but will also add to your career and your life – enhancing your leadership, communication or project-management skills.

Moving within our organization

Our Experiences program offers cross-border and cross-service-line placements with short or long-term engagements. This mobility will enable you to work in different environments, which offer exciting and challenging experiences. It will help you develop an inclusive mindset and thrive in an increasingly global market, at the same time as matching our clients’ needs and your personal goals.

Broaden your horizons with EY!

At EY we want to create the highest performing teams to deliver exceptional client service. Having the world’s highest performing teams means we need to be able to work without borders and have a truly global mindset. We know that an international assignment can give you the chance to develop excellent world-class cross-cultural skills and knowledge by working with people from different countries and industries. We also know that such an experience will prove invaluable throughout your career.

Our secondment programs operate successfully and the participants have experienced assignments in locations as diverse as UK, USA, Poland, Russia, the Netherlands, Italy. Here are their stories.

The support you need, when you need it

Coaching enables you to have open, honest conversations between people at all levels throughout our organization. This ranges from daily informal on-the-job coaching to project feedback and periodic formal performance reviews.

So at one end of the scale you may adopt a mentor with whom you can have ongoing conversations about particular skills or issues, and at the other, you’ll have a counselor with whom you’ll have more formal performance reviews – and receive structured feedback from.

On-the-job coaching

Careers On-the-job coaching conversations are hands-on interactions that occur in the context of daily work, that help you gain a broader perspective, increase clarity and address particular issues and challenges. Coaching results in improved performance through practical learning and less rework. Working with a colleague who is capable of coaching you on a work-related issue can often help you gain deeper insight into your own work performance.

Counseling – performance reviews

Careers Performance conversations allow the counselee and counselor to ‘look back’ and evaluate performance by bringing together and considering multiple views.  These reviews help leverage your strengths and address your development needs.

Counseling – career development

Careers In addition to performance reviews, career development conversations are also an important aspect of coaching at EY. These conversations should challenge you to explore your individual interests, aspirations, needs and options. They also create meaningful goals – both from an annual and a longer-term perspective.


CareersMentoring provides support, insights and practical advice on a variety of professional development and career topics. The partners serve as mentors. Mentoring does not replace the existing counseling system and can be viewed as an additional channel of communication between employees and partners. Mentoring differs from on-the-job coaching, which provides daily support on work-related topics.