EY - Frequently asked questions
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Questions on selection stages at EY

I would like to join EY. What should I do?

1. First of all, you’ve made the right choice, because with us you’ll start a world-class career. The first thing you need to decide is in which department you would like to work. To do so, find out what the various EY departments are engaged in:

2. Have you decided about the field? Very well! Now you can see the list of current vacancies at the company.

3. Have you found the vacancy of your dream? Please read carefully the requirements for candidates. Do you meet the criteria? Do not hesitate to fill in the registration form in the «Vacancy Search» section or reply to a vacancy on one of the job hunting sites: hh.ua, rabota.ua. The HR Department will examine your CV. If your knowledge and experience correspond to the vacancy requirements, you will receive a call from our colleagues and an invitation to take a test or be interviewed.

You can find more detailed information on the selection stages here.

There are also other options: each academic year we organize a great number of events (a link to Events should be inserted when they are on the website) for students and graduates, during which you can obtain more information on the company, chat with our employees, ask questions about employment and submit your CV.

May I register for several vacancies at a time?

Yes. Remember that the test results, which are similar for the vacancies for which you have registered, shall be taken into account for all vacancies. For example, there will be no need to take the English test two or three times.

What are the selection stages?

There are several main selection stages for any junior position:

1. Registering for the vacancy which interests you.
2. Taking a test assessing your ability to work with numerical and textual information, your knowledge of English and in some cases your basic professional knowledge. 
3. Interview with the HR Department.
4. Interview with a manager and /or a partner in the selected field.

In certain EY divisions, besides the main selection stages there might be additional ones, e.g. case study or several interviews.

You can find more details on the selection stages and on how to prepare for them here.

How long do I have to wait for the results after each stage?

As a rule, the results of each selection stage are communicated to candidates within 2-5 working days by email or telephone.

If you did not receive the results in a week, you can call us or write to the HR person with which you communicated.

What am I to do, if I am not selected?

You can try again in a year or register for a vacancy in another EY department.

How do I get to know about new vacancies?

The list of all current vacancies is provided in the respective section of the site, and on the websites hh.ua and rabota.ua.

Besides, you can check for new vacancies in social networks: VK, Facebook, Instagram.

How is the interview conducted? What are the questions at the interview? How do I dress?

The interview is your chance to express yourself and to show that you are the right choice for the company. That is why you should pay attention not only to what you are saying, but also to your appearance – our company has a business dress code, so we expect you to dress properly for the interview.

The questions during the interview may refer not only to your personal qualities, but might also cover professional topics. You can find more details about interview preparation here.

Questions about work at EY

Is the internship at EY paid?

Yes, the internship is paid. The amount of payment is discussed with the HR person during the interview or in the job offer.

Is it possible to remain at EY after the internship?

Internships at EY are considered as the first career step. A transfer to the next position – junior expert – is done based on the results of your internship. As a rule, most of our interns remain at EY.

What is the duration of the internship?

Usually, the duration of EY internships is from 3 months to 1 year.

Is it possible to combine study and work?

Internships at EY are mostly full-time, and are quite challenging, but it is impossible to combine them with study. Depending on the specialization and business tasks of the department, our interns may work 20 or 30 hours per week, which makes it possible to combine work and study. We advise you to discuss the duration of your workweek in advance during the interview.

Does EY offer internships in the summer?

Unfortunately, we do not offer internships specifically during the summer months. However, certain vacancies for interns open in the summer.

Is it true that EY employees have non-standard working hours? Is the overtime compensated?

Yes, EY employees are expected to work non-standard hours, especially during the so-called “busy season” – a period of higher workload due to the submission of financial statements by our clients. According to the labor agreement, our employees are granted 5 days of additional vacation for working non-standard hours.

Is it obligatory to go on business trips?

The number and duration of business trips depend on the services provided by the department where you will work, your specialization and clients. You will be able to discuss in more detail how often you may have to go on business trips during the interview.

Is it possible to transfer to an EY office in another country?

Yes. If you work more than two years in the company and demonstrate good performance results, and possess the required professional skills and experience, we will be glad to give you an opportunity to work abroad under a short-term or long-term employee mobility program.

Who is a Partner? How to become a Partner?

Partner is the highest position at EY. The employees who have reached this level become co-owners of the EY business. One can reach the top career level after 12 – 14 years of work.   

You can find more details about careers at EY here.

What are the career steps in your company?

You can read about it here.

Is there employee training at EY? How does it take place?

Our company pays much attention to the training of our employees. In addition to on-job training, we offer more than 16,000 trainings, a coaching system and a lot of other things. You can read in more detail about the training and professional development of employees here.

Does EY have a dress code?

Yes, the professional attire of our employees is very important for us. Therefore, we have a business dress code. An exception is “Casual Friday”, when you can come to the office in less formal clothing.

Other questions

In what year was EY founded?

Our history begins in the XIX century and is connected with the names of Arthur Young and Alwin Ernst.

Arthur Young was born in Glasgow, Scotland. He graduated in law, but became interested in banking and investment. In 1890, he moved to the US to pursue his career in accounting. In 1906, he formed an accounting firm, Arthur Young & Company, with his brother Stanley.

Alwin Ernst was born in Cleveland, USA. In 1903, he and his brother Theodore started Ernst & Ernst, a small public accounting firm. Both firms were also quick to enter the global marketplace. As early as 1924, they allied with prominent British firms: Young with Broads Paterson & Co and Ernst with Whinney Smith & Whinney. This was followed by several mergers and acquisitions and opening offices around the world.

Alwin Ernst and Arthur Young never met in life, but died within days of each other in 1948. However, their philosophies lived on and, in 1989, were brought together when the firms they started combined to create Ernst & Young. In 1991 the company opened its first office in Ukraine. In 2013, our company was renamed EY.

How do I participate in EY office events?

In order to participate in all events, prior registration on our website or via email is required. The number of available places is usually limited, thus you’d have to register in advance. You can learn about all events for students and graduates here.

Is EY presented in social networks?

Sure! Join us in: