Life at EY
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Your future depends only on you. EY offers a transparent and clear career path from intern to partner. The promotion to a new level depends on your performance, career ambitions and potential. Everyone takes their own time to reach the next level, but everyone has the opportunity to become a partner.

EY - Кар’єрні сходи

  • In most cases, a career in our firm starts from the position of Intern. During the internship you will get acquainted with the main business areas and services provided by your Service Line or group. Usually, internships last from three to twelve months.
  • After a successful internship you can become our full-time employee and take up a position of Staff. There you will learn how to understand the client’s business better and become aware of the challenges faced by the companies. While working on a project, you will obtain the skills and knowledge required for the job. One or two years on this position are enough to take the next step in building your career.


    The average age
    of EY employees
    in Ukraine.

  • Then you can be promoted to Advanced Staff. Those are involved in more complex projects and demonstrate leadership skills in coaching junior staff.
  • The next stage is a Senior position. At this level you will manage engagement teams, prepare reports and expert opinions. An important part of the Senior’s work is to involve other employees in teamwork and encourage the sharing of ideas and knowledge between the teams.
  • At a Manager position, the employee communicates a lot with the client-company’s management, concurrently manages multiple projects and prepares commercial offers and contracts. At this stage you will be responsible for your subordinates, their training, development and career progression, as well as for the results of projects.
  • A Senior Manager develops industry expertise, manages several large projects and is responsible for the quality of the services. Developed skills of communication with clients and the ability to clearly define their needs are very important for this position.
  • Partner is the top of the career ladder. EY partners are experts respected and recognized by the business community. They define the development strategy of their Service Lines, maintain long-term relationships with client-companies’ management and are shareholders of EY. The number of partners in the company is gradually increasing. There are about 200 partners in the CIS region now. 31% of partners at EY global are women, two of which became members of the global executive committee – a key governing body of the company.

Interesting fact: A person who joined the company at the time of its opening in Ukraine in 1991 still works at the Kyiv office. Now, this employee – Marina Zakharina – is the Head of EY’s HR Department in Kyiv!

EY - Professional development

You will gain the skills, knowledge and confidence necessary for your career progression with our global system of professional development called EYU (EY and You). There are three key aspects of your development here: Learning, Experiences and Coaching.

Coaching provides open, meaningful conversations between people at all levels throughout our organization. It includes daily informal on-the-job coaching, engagement feedback and periodic formal performance reviews.

You’ll get plenty of attention in the first months of working at the company. A counsellor will help you develop your professional and personal qualities. Together, you will consider all the feedback you receive on the results of your work and determine the most effective way for your career development.

Whenever you join, however long you stay, the exceptional EY experience lasts a lifetime.

Learning does not end with getting a higher education degree. There are EY offices in 150 countries and all of them, from New York to Cape Town, adhere to the same high standards in training their employees. Each of our colleagues is going to become a leader in the business world, and the company makes every effort towards that end.

EY - Professional development

Training formats

Now, EY offers its employees over 16,000 courses in various formats:

  • Classroom training 
  • Distance learning
  • Web-based learning
  • Webcasts
EY - Professional development

Learning directions

  • personal skills development
  • technical skills development
  • development of skills necessary for gaining a leading position in the market
EY - Professional development

Professional certifications

EY provides wide opportunities for preparing for and passing professional exams, including: ACCA, CFA, CIA, PMP and many others.

EY - Professional development

EY Academy of business

For several years, the Academy is a reliable partner and provider of training services for the company’s employees.

EY MobilityAfter two or three years of work at the company you can expand your experience by joining the short- or long-term mobility programs to work at EY offices in other countries. This opportunity will enable you to gain a valuable experience from an international perspective. Moreover, it will help you develop a new way of thinking by working with people from different cultures.

Over the past two years, more than 100 employees from the EY office in Ukraine had the opportunity to go to other countries as part of the mobility programs, including to places like the USA, the UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Romania, Hungary, the Middle East and the CIS.

Reviews of employees about their participation in mobility programs.

We at EY

  • Demonstrate integrity, respect and teamwork
  • Have the energy, enthusiasm and courage to lead
  • Build relationships based on doing the right thing

Diversity & Inclusiveness

EY strives to create a culture of diversity and equal opportunities. We try to direct the best qualities and talent of our employees towards achieving the most efficient results, and creating a flexible work environment in which the voice of every employee is heard and appreciated.

When making decisions on hiring, promoting, performance and compensation reviews we do not discriminate on gender, nationality, religion or other factors. The performance, level of competence and extra effort are the only factors which are taken into account.

Colleagues? Friends!

When you work in a large company, it is very important to have not just colleagues, but friends nearby you. A significant number of our employees are young people who have recently graduated from university (average age at EY Ukraine is 30 years), and the EY corporate culture encourages open informal communication. We spend a lot of our free time together: whether traveling, celebrating or supporting each other during the difficult times in life.

Business trips? Travels!

It’s no secret that business trips are an important component of work at EY. Our colleagues frequently visit the premises of our clients to better understand their business. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to travel to all the corners of our country. Also, there are business trips abroad if the project is international. Each business trip can be a unique adventure.

EY communities

EY has global online communities which you can join. In particular, there are women’s communities, EY parents’ communities, working groups of people with disabilities, religious communities and communities which support people caring for small children or seriously ill relatives. EY Ukraine supports the local community for mothers and participants of mobility programs.

EY Alumni Club

EY has always been proud of the high level of competency of its professionals, worldwide and in Ukraine. We believe that our former employees are essential for the continued success of the company. Many of them become our clients or simply remain as friends of the company. We appreciate the knowledge and values which they brought to the company as employees and are proud that they continue to demonstrate loyalty as former employees.

Highlights of the life at EY


EY believes that its people have the right to receive adequate compensation for their contribution to business development and management does its best to follow the fair principles of labor remuneration:

Be externally competitive

Our goal is to pay market-competitive salaries and variable pay/bonus.

Be internally equitable

Base salaries reflect differences in your role, responsibilities, experience, performance, education, skills and other factors.

Pay for performance

EY is committed to measuring and recognizing performance. We aim to provide compensation that differentially recognizes our highest performers.

Be financially responsible

We establish budgetary guidelines for compensation that are right for our business, taking into account business performance and the market environment.

Компанія EY

Insurance and Health Days

– Medical Insurance

– Accident insurance

– Life Insurance

Every year we organize Health Days, on which you will have the opportunity to consult doctors, take an ultrasonic examination and/or a blood test and attend lectures of specialists from different areas of medicine.

Компанія EY

Flexible working hours

– The opportunity to work from home starting from Advanced Staff level

– Parents’ hours

– Part-time work

Компанія EY

Vacations and other types of paid leave

– 25 working days of annual vacation

– 5 days of sick leave per year without presenting a sick leave certificate

– 5 days of leave due to sickness of a child per year without presenting a sick leave certificate

– 3 days to every father on occasion of the birth of a child

– 2 days on the occasion of wedding

Компанія EY

Wellness program

– Organization of sports events for employees

– Promotion of healthy lifestyles and organization of active leisure

– Arrangement of sports and entertainment events for the children of our employees