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EY is a time-proved company. We have more than a century history and seek to develop not only our business, but the whole business environment. Thus, in addition to professional services, we support development of entrepreneurship and education worldwide.

  • 1903



    EY - Брати Елвін та Теодор Ернст заснували невелику бухгалтерську компанію Ernst & Ernst

    Brothers Alvin and Theodore Ernst founded a small accounting company Ernst & Ernst in Cleveland (USA) with a capital of USD 500.

    EY - Перша транзакція Ernst & Ernst

    The first transaction of Ernst & Ernst

  • 1906



    EY - Артур Янг разом із братом Стенлі заснували в Чикаго компанію Arthur Young

    Arthur and his brother Stanley form Arthur Young & Company in Chicago and become its first partners.

  • 1979



    EY - Засновано компанію Ernst & Whinney, яка входить до четвірки найбільших у світі бухгалтерських фірм

    Ernst & Whinney is founded. It becomes the fourth largest accountancy firm in the world. Arthur Young’s European offices join several large local European firms.

  • 1989



    EY - Arthur Young здійснює злиття із Ernst & Whinney

    Arthur Young combines with Ernst & Whinney to create Ernst & Young, which employees worldwide amounted to 70,000 people.

  • 2002



    EY - Компанії Ernst & Young та Arthur Andersen об’єднали свої практики у 57 країнах

    Ernst & Young combines with Andersen practices in 57 countries.

  • 2013



    EY - Компанія Ernst & Young оголосила нову назву та логотип свого бренду

    Ernst & Young updates its brand name to EY, and introduces our purpose: Building a better working world.

  • 11903
  • 21906
  • 31979
  • 41989
  • 52002
  • 62013

Something about history

EY founders, Alvin Ernst and Arthur Young, never met in their life. What else don’t you know about EY? Answers in the video. Watch it to know what our success depends on, what EY values are and how we are building a better working world.



Our structure is composed of the Headquarter Executive structure and Regions. Working together they oversee our global strategy, brand, business planning, investments and priorities.

To do business efficiently, our 28 Regions are grouped under four geographic Areas:

  • Americas
  • Europe, Middle East, India and Africa (EMEIA)
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Japan

The EY Difference - Around the world


EY was the first professional services firm in Ukraine when its office was opened in Kyiv in 1991. Currently, our practice includes 500 employees, and the number of clients exceeds 1,000.

EY standards in Ukraine are no different from the worldwide standards. Here, as in any other country where EY operates, you can build an international career. Working with clients from different countries, you will have an opportunity to improve your knowledge and skills and achieve your potential.

EY is an international leader in providing a wide range of professional services.

Our clients are corporations, government and public institutions and companies located in various countries. “Building a better working world” is one of the most important principles of our work. We contribute to the successful entry of clients to new markets, expansion of their activities and maintaining high rates of growth of their business.

Currently, you have the opportunity to take an active part in this work and contribute to the process of improvement of the business environment, which is important for the economy. You can become a highly qualified world-class specialist and confidently build a career, which you dream about.

Watch video to find out more about us:


Building a better working world
The most important task of EY is to provide the highest quality services in four areas: assurance, tax, transaction advisory services and business advisory services. Thus, we play a critical role in the improvement of business and positive changes for our employees, our clients and our communities.

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