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A review of the latest government regulations and other tax developments affecting business in Ukraine.

11 January 2019 - New rules of origin in trade with EU 

10 January 2019 - Changes to Inward Processing Procedure

8 January 2019 - Appellate court upheld reassessment of income from use of trademarks free-of-charge

21 December 2018 - Significant tax law changes take effect on 1 January 2019 

17 December 2018 - Certain Changes Introduced to the Transfer Pricing Rules 

19 November 2018 - List of goods subject to official control measures

25 October 2018 - Ministry of Finance and NBU presented draft law to implement anti-BEPS measures

11 October 2018 - Non-tariff regulations amended 

28 September 2018 - The SFS confirmed that transactions of dividends distribution in monetary form do not qualify as controlled

24 July 2018 - Ukraine signs the Multilateral Instrument 

10 July 2018 - Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine updates the Procedure on prior settlement of pricing in controlled transactions

27 June 2018 - Parliament approves new law on currencies

19 June 2018 - Cyprus to tackle bank transactions of shell companies

1 June 2018 - The Procedure for submission and the updated Form of the Notice on conclusion of a forward or futures contract have come into force

8 May 2018 - European countries to boost transparency initiatives

23 April 2018 - Council of the EU agrees on new mandatory disclosure rules for consultants and other intermediaries

23 April 2018 - The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine amended the List of “Low Tax Jurisdictions”

23 March 2018 - Government to propose legislative amendments to enable automatic exchange of information and FATCA compliance

15 March 2018 - The State Fiscal Service updated its schedule of documentary planned tax audits once again 

13 March 2018 - Ukraine and the Netherlands to sign Protocol Amending Double Tax Treaty

9 March 2018 - Ministry of Finance clarified certain aspects of preparation and publication of financial statements by the companies transitioning to IFRS from 01.01.2018

27 February 2018 - The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has Shortened the List of the “Low-Tax Jurisdictions”

21 February 2018 - The Government approved VAT installment procedure for import of equipment for own production needs 

9 February 2018 - Updated schedule of documentary planned tax audits for 2018 has been published

2 February 2018 - The "Single Window" mechanism provisions amended

2 February 2018 - Convention on Pan-Euro-Mediterranean preferential rules of origin takes effect for Ukraine

23 January 2018 - New list of dual-use goods

3 January 2018 - On 1 January 2018, important changes to the Tax Code of Ukraine entered into force

28 December 2017 - A new list of “Low-Tax Jurisdictions” has been adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

27 December 2017 - Government extends trade restrictions with Russia

26 December 2017 - The tax authorities have published the list of companies subject to scheduled tax audits in 2018

15 December 2017 - New procedural rules of court disputes with the tax authorities came into force

14 December 2017 - Single treasury account for customs payments

11 December 2017 - Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine introduced changes to the transfer pricing rules

11 December 2017 - The Parliament of Ukraine adopted significant changes to the Tax Code

5 December 2017 - VAT administration amended

29 November 2017 - Mandatory use of «single window»

21 November 2017 - The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine has amended criteria for blocking VAT invoices

19 October 2017 - Ministry of Finance informs that the Tax Treaty with Switzerland will be amended

12 October 2017 - Ukraine and the United Kingdom to sign Protocol amending Double Tax Treaty

11 October 2017 - Changes to the Law "On financial accounting and reporting in Ukraine"

15 September 2017 - The form of the Notice on conclusion of a forward or futures contract has come into force

16 August 2017 - Criteria for blocking VAT invoices have been amended

10 August 2017 - Advance Pricing Agreement: SFS considers the application for Advance Pricing Agreement to be expedient

25 July 2017 - Law releasing from penalties for untimely registration of VAT and excise tax invoices has been officially published

14 July 2017 - Parliament has adopted law releasing from penalties for untimely registration of VAT and excise tax invoices

14 July 2017 - Cyprus Tax Authority issues guidance on back-to-back loan financing

14 July 2017 - Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has adopted the list of legal forms for transfer pricing purposes

13 July 2017 - SFS approves the list of risky goods

11 July 2017 - G20 Leaders’ communiqué demonstrates continued support on tax issues, highlights new developments

5 July 2017 - Ratification procedures for Ukraine-Canada Free Trade Agreement are completed

5 July 2017 - Blocking registration of VAT invoices

7 June 2017 - EY advises on the first Advance Pricing Agreement in Ukraine

24 April 2017 - SFS provides clarifications on self-adjustment of tax liabilities due to transfer pricing

31 March 2017 - Decrees regarding Transfer Pricing have been adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine  

31 March 2017 - Update on penalties for untimely VAT invoice registration

28 March 2017 - Draft Order updating the form of the Report on Controlled Transactions has been published

22 March 2017 - The Draft Notification on conclusion of a forward (futures) contract for transfer pricing purposes has been published

21 March 2017 - Ministry of Finance of Ukraine issued a Letter regarding the application of commodity exchange quotations for the transfer pricing purposes

17 March 2017 - When customs may challenge preferential EU origin of goods 

15 March 2017 - Ukraine Parliament to ratify Ukraine-Luxembourg Double Tax Treaty

13 March 2017 - State Fiscal Service opined on the legitimacy of VAT credit recognized under old form VAT invoices issued from 1st to 15th March inclusive

2 March 2017 - New VAT invoice template and changes to VAT return enacted

22 February 2017 - Cyprus tax authorities announce their intention to withdraw the Minimum Margin scheme

24 January 2017 - Codes of goods and services in VAT invoices

19 January 2017 - Corporate Profit Tax and Transfer Pricing reporting

30 December 2016 - Cyprus adopts Country-by-Country Reporting and sets 20 October 2017 as a deadline for filing notification for the first CbC report for 2016

30 December 2016 - A law amending the tax legislation in Ukraine has been signed by the President of Ukraine

26 December 2016 - Parliament to approve significant amendments to Ukraine tax legislation

22 December 2016 - A law amending the Transfer Pricing rules in Ukraine has been adopted

15 December 2016 - The National Bank extends restrictions in monetary and currency markets

14 December 2016 - Olga Gorbanovskaya has become a part of the world’s largest community of professionally trained and certified coaches

25 November 2016 - BEPS implementation: Multilateral Convention negotiated

23 November 2016 - Ukraine to join inclusive framework on BEPS starting 2017

23 November 2016 - OECD to extend notification obligation on Country-by-Country Reporting by mid-2017

12 October 2016 - Cancellation of test customs values

3 October 2016 - Protocol to the Ukraine-Luxembourg Double Tax Treaty is signed

20 September 2016 - The SFS responded to the letter of the European Business Association with regard to the application of the Transactional Net Margin Method

15 September 2016 - CMU adopted the Decree with the list of goods traded on the commodity exchanges, and the list of world commodity exchanges in order to improve tax control over transfer pricing

14 September 2016 - State Fiscal Service of Ukraine issues guidance for determining ‘normal’ prices for VAT purposes

29 July 2016 - Highlights of Ukraine – Canada Free trade agreement

28 July 2016 - Ministry of Finance approves regulations for launching “single window”

28 July 2016 - Launch of criminal investigation in tax evasion cases will be postponed until negative court ruling 

15 July 2016 - Ukraine extended prohibition on import of certain goods from Russia

12 July 2016 - Ukraine and Canada sign the Free Trade Agreement

16 June 2016 - EU Directive on Country-by-country reporting

15 June 2016 - Introduction of “single window” system

27 May 2016 - EY Ukraine wins the Transfer Pricing Firm of the Year award at the European Tax Awards

6 May 2016 - BEPS working group to present draft concept of legislative proposals aimed at counteracting BEPS practices in Ukraine

29 April 2016 - President of Ukraine declares strengthening anti–BEPS legislation and intention to join CRS–jurisdictions

27 April 2016 - SFS published the Letter with clarifications on application of some transfer pricing rules

31 March 2016 - Government to approve amendments to tax treaty with Cyprus

4 March 2016 -  Ministry of Justice of Ukraine registered Ministry of Finance’s order on new form of Report on Controlled Transactions

24 February 2016 - Registers for VAT refund claims 

29 January 2016 - Thirty-one countries sign tax co-operation agreement enabling automatic sharing of country-by-country reporting information

29 January 2016 - European Commission releases anti-tax avoidance package designed to provide uniform implementation of BEPS measures and minimum standards across Member States

25 January 2016 -  More goods are prohibited for import from Russia

5 January 2016 - Ukraine prohibited import of certain goods from Russia

5 January 2016 - Ukraine suspended free trade regime with Russia

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