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Valuation, Modelling & Economics

Business success lies in value creation. To measure the success, the value has to be determined. We provide comprehensive advice that helps you navigate through your corporate and transaction strategies and assess your success. Here is how we can help.

Advisory valuation

We provide you with objective advice for decision-making purposes across major business processes in connection with mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, financing, restructuring and setting management compensation levels.

  • Business valuation
  • Tangible assets valuation
  • Intangible assets valuation
    • Brand names
    • Trademarks
    • Licenses
  • Loans valuation
  • “Squeeze out” valuation
  • Valuation for management compensation

Financial reporting valuation

We provide valuation opinions to support management’s financial reporting needs.

  • Purchase price allocation – valuation related to the tangible assets, intangible assets, liabilities and equity interests acquired in a transaction
  • Impairment testing – valuation related to the annual or periodic impairment testing of goodwill, long-lived intangible and tangible assets as well as the annual or periodic testing of certain fair-value accounting estimates
  • Valuation related to the fair value of tangible assets and equity investments

Fairness opinion

We provide corporate boards with independent value insights to mitigate legal risk and help enhance deal outcomes during buy-side, sell-side or related-party transactions. We:

  • Act as an independent fairness opinion provider for the board of directors
  • Analyze the intrinsic value of the asset being obtained or surrendered in a transaction
  • Work with buyers to provide confidence that they are paying a fair price in a proposed transaction
  • Work with sellers to provide confidence that they are receiving adequate compensation in a proposed transaction

Feasibility studies and business plans

We provide independent evaluation of a project, business venture or proposed development for decision-making purposes. It usually includes financial and commercial evaluation which measure whether the expected financial returns of the venture meet the goals of stakeholders taking into account the risk associated with the investment. Financial and commercial evaluation involves reviewing macroeconomic and industry environments and estimating the expected costs, revenues, profitability of several alternatives, total capital requirements and capital structure as well as the risk associated with the investment which is analyzed through sensitivity, scenario and simulation analysis.

Dispute resolutions

We provide expert valuation opinions for resolving litigation and disputes.

Business modelling

We develop custom-built business models to support your investment decisions, finance raising, business planning, development feasibility, valuations or disposals.

Business models represent dynamic projections of operations or financial performance based on a set of assumptions about a business. 

We can also review your internally prepared business model so it is free from mathematical and logical errors.

Strategic alternatives analysis

We provide scenario analysis that allows you to make more informed strategic decisions related to investment, divestment, restructuring and organic growth.

Working capital optimization

We can help you improve your business processes in order to release cash in working capital while also improving efficiency, effectiveness and service quality. The key areas of working focus are business processes related to:

  • Order to Cash process receivables (Days Sales Outstanding)
  • Procure to Pay process payables (Days Payable Outstanding)
  • Forecast to Fulfil process inventory (Days Inventory Outstanding)

Data analytics

Data analytics combines data, technology and advanced quantitative analysis to drive clarity and fact-based decision-making.


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Rouslan Tchebanenko
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Valuation, Modelling & Economics
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Olga Ivanchuk
Valuation, Modelling & Economics
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Mykhailo Prykhodko
Valuation, Modelling & Economics
Power & Utilities, Infrastructure
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Anton Mukhanov
Valuation, Modelling & Economics
Diversified Industrial Products,
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