Our youth panel

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The EY Foundation is proud to introduce you to our very first Youth Panel, which launched in December 2015. The Panel represents the voice of young people by constructively challenging and supporting stakeholders, and its members hope to act as role models to inspire change and innovation, and influence strategy and its implementation.

The Panel, chaired by Terri Lau, meets quarterly. Keep up-to-date with its work on these pages or on Twitter.Twitter

EY - Terri Lau

Terri Lau ( Youth Panel Chair )

Terri is a Smart Futures alumni and Chair of the EY Foundation’s Youth Panel. A second year student at the University of Salford studying Biochemistry, she was previously a youth representative on the Young Enterprise’s Greater Manchester board and has been part of a number of social action initiatives, including Uprising..

EY - Aadila Liman

Aadila Liman

Aadila is currently studying History, Sociology and English Literature at A-2 level. Her time on the Our Futures programme inspired her to join the Youth Panel.

EY - Arif Miah

Arif Miah

Arif has been working for nearly 2 years as a Creative Strategist at Ogilvy, a top advertising and marketing group. He joined Smart Futures in 2012 then the EY Scholarship programme working in ITRA. He graduated with a degree in Management from LSE.

EY - David Adeniken

David Adeniken

David is currently in 6th form studying Business Economics and History. He loves playing rugby, reading and helping other young people in his community. During his time on the Smart Futures programme he received Student of the Programme and went on to win the Foundation’s Young Employee of the Year award. He is also a Newcastle supporter.

EY - David Gonzalez

David Gonzalez

I joined EY’s Restructuring department in September 2013 on the School Leaver programme. My time at EY began on the EY Foundation’s Smart Futures programme in summer 2013, and I am part-way through my ICAEW ACA qualification to become a chartered accountant. Since joining EY I’ve been very involved with the events and schemes run by the EY Foundation, and as a twenty year old working in the financial industry, I want to be able to share my experiences and give business insight to the Youth Panel.

EY - Laura Matthews

Laura Matthews

Laura joined EY as a school leaver in 2015 and has been Involved with the EY Foundation since 2014 from being a student on the Smart Futures programme to becoming a mentor. She currently volunteers with the Foundation on the School to Work campaign and, having volunteered from the early stages, is excited to see how it evolves. She hopes that by joining the Youth Panel she is able to further support the EY Foundation’s work and share her experiences and inspire other young people.

EY - Linda Epstein

Linda Epstein

Linda is currently a consultant in Financial Services People Advisory Services at EY. She mentors 2 young people through Smart Futures and is volunteer for the Our Future Programme as well as facilitating and being a panel member on the Employability workshops. She also has a second job at Aim Higher which helps young people in care and/or disadvantaged backgrounds.

EY - Olivia

Olivia D’silva

Olivia works in EY’s Indirect Tax team, having joined the graduate scheme in September 2014. She has volunteered in various programmes in the UK and abroad to drive social change and has been an Employability workshop panel member. Olivia is really interested in working towards opening up opportunities for young people and hopes to achieve this through her Youth Panel role.

EY - Taylor

Taylor Reid

Taylor has been enthusiastic and eager to exceed standard expectations, which has allowed her to have the opportunity to study a law degree at university. When her nose is not buried in a book, she enjoys hiking and listening to music. One of her greatest achievements is being elected by her fellow constituents as their representative in the Scottish Youth Parliament. Her experience with the SF programme has helped her build positive relationships and improve her networking skills.

EY - Tyrone

Tyrone Tee

Tyrone is second year student at the Liverpool Blue Coat School and wants to study Economics at university. He enjoys his role in the European Youth Parliament debating key issues, and will be competing nationally in the summer. This, as well as leading an economics society, has developed interpersonal skills to use in his Youth Panel role. After school he volunteers with IntoUniversity and helps run afterschool sessions for disadvantaged students in Anfield – from this he has realised that having guidance is a privilege which has made him eager to help on the Youth Panel.