What is EMEIA?

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Our Europe, Middle East, India and Africa (EMEIA) Area brings together 87 EY country practices. Led by Mark Otty, no other Big 4 firm has achieved this level of integration on such a scale and scope. We’re the first professional services firm to bring a borderless approach to the emerging markets of the Commonwealth of Independent States, India, the Middle East, Africa and the established markets of Europe.

Why did we do it? For several reasons.

Our clients demand it – business and capital act without borders and want consistency wherever they do business. EMEIA means we mirror the structures and market facing activities of our clients.

By bringing together 87 countries, we offer our people unparalleled opportunities for client experience, career diversity and mobility.

Regulators want convergence and consistency. They expect us to deliver the same high level of quality wherever we are.

Ultimately we’re stronger when we act together to serve our clients, our people and our regulators; EMEIA is key to responding to the business imperative to provide seamless, consistent, high–quality service, worldwide.

Our EMEIA leadership
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