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Powered by different perspectives

How diversity and inclusiveness will drive EY’s growth

EY - Steve Varley

Steve Varley
UK Chairman

Being an inclusive employer is a fundamental part of our business strategy and led from the top of our organisation. That’s because the future of our business depends on our ability to provide innovative solutions for our clients, which can only happen if we can recognise and harness the most diverse range of thoughts, experiences, and skills. We’ve worked hard to create an environment where different perspectives and experiences are valued and rewarded. We’re committed to helping diverse talent thrive, whether it’s through our support for working parents, our innovative approach to student recruitment, or targeted action to level the playing field for women and ethnic minorities.

At EY, we aim to go beyond what is required, for example, by reporting on pay gap by ethnicity and gender, and we participate in a number of Government initiatives such as the Equalities Office’s ‘Think, Act, Report’ framework, and HM Treasury’s Women in Finance Charter. We also founded and sponsored the National Equality Standard (NES) in 2013, helping create the UK’s first universal assessment scheme for diversity and inclusiveness (D&I) compliance.

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In our day-to-day work, we do all we can to create a culture where people feel they belong. While this drive to create an inclusive environment is overseen by senior leadership, our employees are passionate advocates themselves, for example by running voluntary employee networks dedicated to championing diversity and inclusiveness. As a result, we’ve seen first-hand how working in more diverse teams improves performance and client satisfaction. Our people tell us they’re happier and more productive when they are free to be their true selves at work.

But there is much more to be done. Find out how we’re performing on our D&I commitments and what actions we’re taking to promote change within EY and beyond:

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Championing diversity at every level of the business

At EY, every one of us has a responsibility to value and recognise different perspectives. So creating an inclusive environment is something we champion at every level of the organisation. This thinking is sponsored and supported by senior leadership who regularly review progress on our D&I targets, and is further reinforced by a wide range of employee networks founded and managed by employees. We also offer all our people inclusive leadership training – a range of tools and techniques designed to help them build better relationships and teams.

Sponsored from the top

Senior leadership is committed to our ambition to create an inclusive environment – because we know that for real change to happen, it must be driven from the top. Steve Varley, our UK Chairman and UK&I Managing Partner, and Omar Ali, UK FSO Managing Partner, meet with senior business leaders every month to review progress on our D&I targets, and our leaders speak frequently at external events where they call for change at an industry level.

Driven by our people

Our employee networks are founded and managed by our employees at a grassroots level to support a range of needs. These groups are a great way for them to connect with colleagues of similar origin, ethnicity, religion, background or family, and are open to everyone who wants to find out more or show their support. A number of colleagues across the business also actively and independently express their views on a range of D&I topics through blogs and other channels.

Underpinned by inclusive leadership

We believe everyone should have access to the same opportunities for success, so we developed an inclusive leadership training programme which has been rolled out to more than 2,000 business leaders. It offers a range of tools and techniques designed to identify and understand default behaviours, tendencies and unconscious bias, and set personal strategies to improve how the leaders interact with colleagues and clients.

Thought leadership

Use EY’s D&I thought leadership app to learn more about how D&I helps business grow in

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Taking targeted action to level the playing field

We are committed to promoting gender and ethnic diversity across the business, and have introduced many progressive initiatives in the UK to improve the representation of diverse talent and further reduce the firm’s pay gap for both gender and ethnicity. These include our CareerWatch and Future Leaders Programme, which provide high potential female and BME talent with mentoring and sponsorship from the firm’s senior leaders.

In our day-to-day work we do all we can to create a culture where people feel they belong – through a comprehensive range of flexible working options, plus strong support for those with families, our LGBT community and those with different abilities. ‘Unity’, our LGBT network was awarded ‘Star Performer’ from Stonewall, and we were also recognised with a Bronze award by the Business Disability Forum.

Social mobility is important to us too, and we work closely with Access Accountancy to broaden access to accountancy firms for those from disadvantaged backgrounds. We were recognised as one of the government’s Social Mobility Champions in 2016, and listed in the Top 50 Employers for Social Mobility in 2017.

Attracting diverse talent

In August 2015 we removed the requirement for minimum academic standards in our student recruitment process, replacing it with a validated, strengths-based selection process. We also operate a blind screening process where no candidate screening decisions are made based on reviewing a CV, work experience or similar. As a result, applications to our student programmes have increased 75% year-on-year, including applications from state school educated candidates, the first generation to go to university, or those eligible for free school meals and income support.

We have fully embraced the Apprenticeship opportunity and welcomed 200 graduate level (Level 4) apprentices in September 2017.

Our sophisticated recruitment communications strategy features profiles of our people from a variety of backgrounds and promotes these through many channels, including small, targeted agencies and connecting groups, so we can reach and engage with a diverse tange of candidates. Most recently, to encourage greater neurodiversity in our talent pipelines we partnered with several organisations, including the National Autism Society, to raise awareness of EY and the opportunities available.

Our recruitment website gives applicants guidance and support and we are proud of the site’s accessibility, facilitated by working with our employee networks and organisations, such Business in the Community and the Business Disability Forum.

Pay gap reporting

Based on the Government’s methodology set out in The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017, we published our gender pay gap in October 2017, over five months ahead of the government’s April 2018 deadline. Because pay gap legislation is more than a compliance issue for us as a firm, we have also published our pay gap data for ethnicity and incorporated data for our UK Partners. We encourage others to also go beyond the current Pay Gap legislation, to help accelerate diversity in the profession and across business.

EY Pay gap report 2018

Pay gap report 2018

Download pdf

Our 2017 Pay gap report is also available. Download pdf.

Holding ourselves to account

We rigorously monitor our performance as an inclusive employer, setting ourselves clear diversity targets across all our people processes, including recruitment, performance management, remuneration, and promotion. For instance, we have committed to double the proportion of female and BME talent in our UK partnership to 40% female and 20% BME by July 2025.

At the same time, EY is seeking to break down the stereotypes that contribute to imbalance within our industry. Our shared parental leave policies aim to make being a working parent gender-neutral, and accessible to all. We are also signatories to the Government Equalities Office’s ‘Think, Act, Report’ voluntary framework, as well as HM Treasury’s Women in Finance Charter.

We collaborate with other organisations to support this work. For example, we helped establish the 30% Club cross-company mentoring scheme for women, which has now touched over 1500 participants from 85 organisations. Through our membership of Access Accountancy, we work with other firms to ensure our work experience and employment opportunities reach students from disadvantaged social backgrounds.

And while there is still much more to be done, we are proud to have been recognised for our progress: In 2017 we were named one of The Times ‘Top 50 Employers for Women’ and awarded a Working Families’ Top 10 Employer award.

Helping businesses change

Equality isn’t just something we live and breathe internally; we are committed to building a better working world – through our service lines advising clients on D&I strategy, diagnostics and change and capability management. We also founded and sponsored the UK’s first universal D&I certification for employers the National Equality Standard (NES), now used by a number of leading businesses to understand and improve their D&I practices.

Thought leadership

Making it real: LGBT inclusion at EY

Making it real: LGBT inclusion at EY

EY convened corporate leaders from global companies to discuss the topic of supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender inclusion at work. This practical guide provides an overview of the landscape and leading practices.

EY - Women. Fast forward

Women. Fast forward

Accelerating achievement of gender parity – within EY and in business at large – is an economic imperative that creates higher growth, increased prosperity and stronger communities. Learn what we are doing.

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Creating a culture where different perspectives can thrive

In order to create a workplace that’s truly powered by different perspectives, we offer a comprehensive range of agile working options that give our people greater control over when, where and how they work – in line with what our employees and clients say they want.

In addition to agile working, which 84% of our employees enjoy, we have a range of support options for those with families, such as the EY Family Network for parents and carers, EY Reconnect for those wishing to return to the profession after a career break, and family coaching schemes for those returning from parental leave. As a result, for several years we’ve been named one of Working Families’ Top 10 Employers.

We have also won a number of other awards from organisations such as being recognised by the Business Disability Forum with a Bronze award in 2017. We are also proud to be recognised for our work to support LGBT+ workplace equality.

Flexible working that suits everyone

Flexible working enables high-performing teams and is a key to success in the global economy, – which is why we want EY to lead the way in flexible working for professional services.

We offer a comprehensive range of working options to give our people greater control over when, where and how they work, and a majority (84%) of our employees already work flexibly. This includes working from home, flexible hours, working part-time, or job sharing. A number of our partners have been recognised as Power Part Timers by Timewise, which profiles senior leaders working less than full-time.

Family friendly policies

In addition to flexible working, we have a range of support options for those with families, such as parent mentoring, the EY Family Network and EY Reconnect for men and women re-entering the workplace after a career break.

Career and Family Coaching provides support for all parents taking leave, to help line managers understand their role in supporting successful transitions for individuals and the business. To date, over 2,500 people have participated in the programme.

A leading employer for LGBT+ inclusion

EY has long been a supporter of the lesbian, gay, bi and trans* (LGBT+) community. Our LGBT+ network – Unity – was first formed in the UK in 1995 and has grown since then to have over 600 members in the UK and Ireland and over 4,500 globally in over 77 countries.

We are also proud to be listed as one of Stonewall's Top 100 employers for LGBT+ people in the UK.

Globally we are a supporter of the United Nations LGBT+ Standards of Conduct for Business and provide practical tips for organisations looking to improve their support of LGBT+ workplace equality through our ‘Making it real - globally’ report.

Supporting employee wellbeing

EY is committed to supporting the wellbeing of our people, with a variety of resources and programmes available to promote health, mental health and wellbeing.

Our Bridge the Gap to Success programme is designed to help those with disabilities with professional and career development and develop advocates skilled at fostering a culture of disability confidence, and promote retention of talent.

The programme provides a safe, supportive and challenging learning environment where participants are encouraged to identify their thinking (habits, attitudes, beliefs) and behaviours that are both supporting and hindering the fulfilment of their potential and the achievement of their professional and work goals.

EY is proud to have been awarded Bronze in the Business Disability Forum’s 2017 “Disability Standard” in recognition of our work building a more accessible workplace, and the great work our Ability EY network has done to raise awareness of disability in the workplace.

Domestic abuse support

EY has launched a domestic abuse guide for its 14,500 people in the UK, backed by a new campaign to put employers at the heart of tackling abuse.

“The statistics highlight that there are likely to be a number of people within any organisation who have experienced or are experiencing domestic abuse.

We know that the workplace can often be considered a safe place for those affected by abuse at home, which is why it is so important for employers to create a supportive environment with access to professional help.

By launching a domestic abuse guide with tools and resources provided by Everyone’s Business, we hope to pave the way for other employers and to help ensure those affected by domestic abuse get the help they need.”

Justine Campbell, Managing Partner for Talent, UK & Ireland

As a member of the Employer’s Initiative on Domestic Abuse (EIDA) and corporate partner of UK Says No More, EY launched its guide on domestic abuse to help raise awareness among its people and detail the support routes available. The guide also outlines different forms of abuse, including controlling and coercive behaviour and stalking, to help colleagues understand the experiences of fellow workers that may be affected by domestic abuse.

Detailed within the guide, EY has also introduced: a week of special paid leave for those experiencing domestic abuse; access to an Independent Domestic Violence Adviser and a counselling service for employees; and accredited training for key people around the business to help identify and support people who may need help.



Corporate Alliance

Thought leadership

EY - The value of dyslexia

Dyslexic capability and organisations of the future

Organisations are looking to bridge the skills gap – and dyslexic skills could help.

EY - Driving LGBT workplace equality across multiple locations

Driving LGBT workplace equality across multiple locations

Examples which have had a positive impact for EY around the globe in terms of diversity and equality.

Flexible working at EY

Flexible working at EY

EY is a champion of flexible working practices, but what does this mean for our people?

EY - Global generations: a global study on work-life challenges across the generations

Global generations: a global study on work-life challenges across the generations

Our global survey of full-time workers in 8 countries finds that one third say managing work-life has become more difficult, with younger generations and parents hit hardest.

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Awards and recognition

We benchmark ourselves regularly against other organisations and are proud of our high standards.

But don't just take our word for it. These are just some of the awards and accreditations we have won recently:

EY - Stonewall Star PerformerWe are proud to be one of Stonewall's Top 100 Employers for LGBT people. This list recognises the most LGBT-inclusive organisations in the UK and is a testament to our commitment to ensuring all our LGBT people are able to be themselves at work.

EY - The Times Top 50 Employers for Women 2017We were listed as one of The Times Top 50 Employers for Women 2017. This recognition reflects the great work the firm is doing to promote gender diversity, and the contribution made by the EY Women’s Network, which gives their members development opportunities and great engagement with our clients and the wider community.

EY - Best Employee for Race 2017Named one of the UK’s Best Employers for Race in Business in the Community’s inaugural list in 2017. This listing acknowledges employers that are taking a proactive approach to tackling racial inequalities in their organisations; EY was singled out as having an award-winning approach to progression.

EY - Business Disability Forum 2017EY were awarded Bronze in the Business Disability Forum’s 2017 “Disability Standard” in recognition of our work to build a more accessible workplace, and the great work our Ability EY network has done to raise awareness of disability in the workplace, for example around mental health.

EY - 2017 Top 10 Employers for Working FamiliesNamed one of the 2017 Top 10 Employers for Working Families in recognition of our focus on flexible working, family friendliness and the EY Family Network’s great work.

EY - Top 50 Social Mobility Employer Index 2017EY is ranked in the Top 50 Social Mobility Employer Index 2017. This joint initiative between the Social Mobility Foundation and the Social Mobility Commission ranks employers on the actions they take to ensure they are open to accessing and progressing talent from all backgrounds.

EY - Social Mobility ChampionEY is one of 11 companies to achieve Social Mobility Business Compact Champion status from the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills. This Government standard recognises employers who are leading the way in opening up the world of work to young people from all backgrounds to improve social mobility.

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UK reporting

HM Treasury Women in Finance Charter

Our public commitment is to double the proportion of female and BME talent in our UK partnership to 40% female and 20% BME by July 2025.

Think, Act, Report, the make-up of our UK business

We have analysed the gender and ethnicity data of our workforce population. The results are shown below.


Global People Survey

Every two years our global employee engagement survey enables our people based in the UK & Ireland part of the firm to share their diversity data with us. In 2017, 83% of our people responded and provided us with this valuable insight into the make up of this part of our business. The results are shown below.

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