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We caught up with EY Partner and Head of our Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) team Jean-Benoit Berty, to learn about how he is collaborating across EY to help all kinds of clients stay ahead of the game.

I took the plunge into telecommunications early...

My first job after graduating from New York University in 1987 was assisting the President of US West International, where I got to witness a number of high-profile deals in the industry – most notably, the joint venture to form Telewest, which later went on to become Virgin Media. There’s no way we could have predicted then just how much technology would have advanced by today. It’s this rate of change that has always interested me, and motivates me to find new ways to innovate.

My role at EY quickly took a technological turn...

I joined EY as a partner in 2006 after taking leading roles with several business consultancies, including Gemini Consulting, Bridgewater and Headstrong. I was lucky to work with other partners, including our current Chairman and UK CEO Steve Varley, to build the firm’s new Advisory practice. I ended up leading client accounts such as Sony, Cisco and Xerox – by chance more than anything, so I was back working in the sector by accident! I now head up the TMT team, one of our industry market segments.

But my role actually touches on all kinds of industries...

The lines around the TMT space are starting to blur. Many industries are now having to adopt new technologies to make themselves relevant for customers. So, part of my job is helping our TMT clients position themselves as ‘enablers’ within other industries to ride the wave of this trend. In other words, we’re helping them transform themselves into service providers, so they can disrupt other industries – from healthcare to retailers.

I’m helping some of the world’s biggest companies evolve and stay ahead...

What I love about working with the TMT sector is being able to see the impact of technology and innovation on the rest of the world. Technology is constantly evolving, which means companies in that space need to keep reinventing themselves to keep up. This presents a number of exciting challenges, and it’s our job to anticipate the direction the industry is moving in.

Collaboration is becoming increasingly important...

One of the most exciting opportunities internally is being able to leverage the partnerships we have with businesses across the whole of EY. We can actually bring different clients together, from all kinds of sectors and sizes, to help them share resources and grow. That means we can offer so much more than just advice; we’re creating and facilitating an entrepreneurial ecosystem and actively giving our clients solutions to problems.

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