National Equality Standard

The NES Assessment Journey

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EY will offer assessments against the NES.

We will:

  • Work with your company to assess where you are along your EDI journey
  • Provide you with valuable information as to how you compare to others in your industry
  • Identify where you are doing well and where improvements may be needed

This initiative is not about passing or failing; instead it is a journey of progression and improvement which will enable your company to be more competitive in an increasingly global economy.

Assessments will provide assurance to your organisation, its employees, stakeholders and clients, that the principles of the Standard are being implemented.

Key assessment journey activities:

  • A: Scoping meeting and self assessment

    What you can expect from us

    We will:

    Provide an Assessor who will arrange a scoping meeting with you

    Set clear expectations

    Present the full process and map out your assessment journey

    Discuss evidence submission

    Present the self assessment and survey template

    Agree timescales

    What you need to do

    Agree a date for your scoping meeting

    Decide who should attend

    Prepare any questions you may have

    Consider the timescales you will be able to adhere to

  • B: Document submission received

    What you can expect from us

    We will:

    Provide you with guidance on the assessment process and EDI practices

    Provide you with examples of good practice

    Provide suggestions of appropriate evidence to submit

    What you need to do

    Use the client guidance and self assessment template provided to prepare your document submission

    Provide evidence that demonstrates how you believe you are meeting each competence

    Identify a range of evidence sources

    Ensure all documents are referenced clearly

    Upload your documents onto the secure web portal

  • C: Document submission reviewed

    What you can expect from us

    We will:

    Complete a comprehensive review of the evidence provided

    Apply relevance and proportionality to the assessment review

    Prepare an interim report detailing key findings and areas for focus during the on-site interviews

    Send you an interview itinerary to complete

    What you need to do

    Review the interim report to prepare for your on-site assessment

    Identify a representative sample of employees for to be interviewed

    Return your interviewee list

    Return you completed itinerary

  • D: On-site interviews

    What you can expect from us

    We will:

    Conduct interviews with staff and stakeholders to endorse, supplement and validate evidence provided

    Ensure all interviewees are aware of the confidential nature of the assessment interviews

    Apply relevance and proportionality to our assessment review

    Keep to agreed timescales

    Provide headline summary feedback on the last day on-site, detailing key strengths, and areas for improvement

    What you need to do

    Provide a briefing to those being interviewed

    Ensure a private room is available throughout the interview process

    Ensure substitutions are available for any interviewees who may be absent on assessment days

    Organise a coordinator to host on-site activity

    Be available for a short opening meeting and a closing feedback meeting

  • E: Final review and recommendations

    What you can expect from us

    We will:

    Complete a scoring template using RAG methodology

    Prepare a final assessment report with recommendations

    Present findings to your Board/Senior Leadership Team (if applicable)

    Plan any necessary follow up activity

    Confirm the review process

    What you need to do

    Organise a meeting with your Assessor to present findings

    Communicate your success

    Review your report and consider recommendations

    Implement any recommendations


EY is currently hosting the National Equality Standard website and is working closely with our partner Microsoft to develop an interactive NES portal.