National Equality Standard

Final Assessment Report

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Following the assessment we will prepare a report showing your company’s rating against each of the competencies. 

Final Assessment Report

Illustrative extracts from the Assessment Report are shown below.

EY 70 competencies

EY Overall summary of findings

Competence number   Final score Assessor comments

Partially met

Career progression

The organisation has provided the opportunity for effective career progression routes to be put in place, tailored and targeted to specific underrepresented groups of staff if there appears to be a barrier to progress.


General observations

There is an established network of individuals across the business that can support each other in their development and careers.

The firm refers to itself as a meritocracy, striving to create an environment which is inclusive and in which people can give their best. Despite having more women at partnership level than their counterparts, there is recognition that more can be done to balance the ratio of men to women at senior levels. This is assisted by targeted career progression initiatives, such as:

  • The AWL consists of a two-day personal development programme, interaction with a personal sponsor Partner, development of a personal career plan, and alumni and networking opportunities.

The percentage of women promoted to partnership in top 5 Professional Services firms

EY - The percentage of women promoted to partnership in top 5 Professional Services firms


EY Final Assessment Report example

Your final assessment report will include:

  • Introduction
  • Anonymised summary of employee feedback
  • Scoring methodology
  • Findings
  • Organisational strengths
  • Partially / non compliant areas
  • Recommendations for further improvements.


EY is currently hosting the National Equality Standard website and is working closely with our partner Microsoft to develop an interactive NES portal.