National Equality Standard

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15 July 2015
EY comments on equal pay

12 January 2015, Channel 4
Diversity 360 charter for 2015

26 February 2015, Interserve
Sustainability Review 2014

26 February 2015, Oxford University
The Merton Equality conversation

5 March 2015, Broadcast
Trevor Phillips, Nigel Farage and Tony Blair  piece

5 March 2015, HRDirector
Hays & Gender Inequality

11 March 2015, Institute of Directors
How your business can harness performance “premium” from better ethnic diversity

24 April 2015, MCA
Arun Batra, EY – HR Consultant of the Year

May 2015, Royal Academy of Engineering
Diversity in Engineering May Update

1 May 2015,  HAYS Leading Women Events
Walking the Line: Positive Action

13 May 2015, Asian Voice
Arun Batra Wins HR Award

13 May 2015, BPS Birmingham Leaders
'Diversity in the Boardroom‘

28 May 2015, EDF Energy
East Kilbride Employees Celebrate Diversity and Inclusion

1 Jun 2015, The Big I.D.E.A.
EDF Energy's Employees Celebrate Diversity and Inclusion

2 Jun 2015, Computer Weekly
Vote for the Most Influential Women in UK IT



4 October 2013, Telegraph
Arun Batra discusses the NES

13 August 2013, Personnel Today
Don’t dump diversity on HR – Trevor Phillips

13 June 2013, Recruiter
Pilots drive the way for a National Equality Standard
“Large UK employers have participated in testing and helping NES – currently an EY subsidiary – to refine the offering which will help organisations to measure their performance in diversity and inclusion.”

5 June 2013, OBV
Arun Batra: On a mission to deliver equality
“Arun Batra is on a mission to radically transform the corporate world. It’s radical because at its core he believes that dynamism, creativity, strength and loyalty are achieved in no small measure by companies achieving greater equality. The other radical aspect to Batra’s big idea is that he has convinced some of the biggest names in the corporate world to buy into his plans.”

29 May 2013, HR Magazine
Employers take decisive action to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace
“A group of leading employers led by EY and supported by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) and the CBI has announced the launch of a National Equality Standard (NES).”

28 May 2013, Equality and Diversity Forum
Launch of the National Equality Standard
“The National Equality Standard, launched in 2013, is sponsored by EY in partnership with 18 other UK and global companies. It is supported by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) and the CBI. The NES is a groundbreaking initiative developed for business, by business, which sets clear equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) criteria against which companies will be assessed.”

23 May 2013, Accountancy Live
EY takes lead on diversity standard
“EY is leading an initiative to launch a National Equality Standard (NES) for business later this month, which is designed to help companies create more diverse and inclusive organisations.”

23 May 2013, ILM – Equal Measure
The National Equality Standard Launches
“The National Equality Standard is a new business-led initiative that measures diversity and inclusion within UK businesses. Matt McAllister speaks to two key figures behind the Standard to find out why equality is a business necessity “

23 May 2013, Sainsbury’s
Sainsbury’s signs up to the National Equality Standard
“Sainsbury’s is one of 18 major UK businesses to sign up to a new National Equality Standard (NES), to promote diversity and inclusion.”

21 May 2013, Ask Grapevine HR
EY develops business-led diversity initiative
“EY has announced the launch of a National Equality Standard (NES) to tackle inequality and promote inclusion, receiving backing from top UK businesses.”

20 May 2013, Personnel Today
New workplace equality standard launched
“A new standard for equality in the workplace has been launched by businesses in conjunction with the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) and the CBI.”


12 July 2012, Croner
Some standards are more equal than other

5 July 2012, Recruiter
EY leads launch for national equality standard for Britain

6 December 2012, Consultant-News
EY pens National Equality Standard
“Harry Gaskell, Managing Partner – Advisory Services, says there is a lack of clarity and inconsistency in businesses’ efforts to tackle inequality and diversity.”

1 September 2012, Telegraph
Steve Varley: ‘Business needs to remember it’s part of society’
“Steve Varley, the UK boss of EY, discusses trade trips with the Prime Minister and how his firm is making a difference beyond accounting.”

EY is currently hosting the National Equality Standard website and is working closely with our partner Microsoft to develop an interactive NES portal.