Building financial institutions for the future now

Talent and organisations in a digital world

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Digital technology is disrupting financial institutions at an increasingly rapid pace. It is affecting traditional roles, ways of working and the capabilities organisations need to succeed. To stay relevant in the future, firms need to innovate approaches to transform the workforce and attract, engage, develop and inspire their talent.

Financial institutions that win in the market five years from now will look very different from the organisations we know today. Changing customer expectations, technological disruption, workforce composition, and economic and regulatory pressure, combined with fierce competition, are driving unprecedented change.

To address these challenges, organisations need to prioritise talent, build a responsive and innovative environment, and create a deeper sense of purpose.

The case for change is compelling, and the journey should start now. In this report, we highlight digital trends and opportunities, EY’s perspective on the future, and how organisations can respond and deliver effective talent and HR organisational strategies.

EY - Talent and organisations in a digital world