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Current Partners

Please see our complete list of Venture Partners on the London Ventures website.

Targeted ventures: an issues-led approach

Many of the challenges local authorities face are not new, but an increase in service demand alongside decreasing budgets means a fundamentally different approach is needed to tackle certain problems and improve the situation for local residents.

Targeted Ventures is designed to tackle the major key challenges identified by local authorities; by understanding the breadth of each issue and working to provide support and solutions. London Ventures leads focussed sessions to articulate the problem, develop solutions and prototypes, and use crowd sourcing principles to drive innovation and collaboration across multiple stakeholder groups.

Our targeted issues include:

  • Homelessness, housing, and temporary accommodation
  • Children and families.

General Ventures: a solution-led approach

The London Ventures programme recognises the importance of providing access to innovation that addresses the breadth and diversity of the challenges local authorities face, and has developed a wide-ranging portfolio of innovative, market-ready propositions.

We help our Venture Partners understand the landscape of local government and maximise the reach of their commercial offer through promotion, brokering of introductions through the programme’s network of contacts and other marketing activities.

We have a proven track record with our Venture Partners, and as of May 2018 we have supported implementation in 25 local authorities across London. This has enabled us to establish a recognised and respected brand across the capital and nationally, in both private and public sectors.

We are always open to new propositions from businesses who offer innovative ways to transform service delivery in local government. If you are interested, please contact: londonventures@uk.ey.com for more information.