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How can data tell a story that keeps a vulnerable person safe?

In the UK, public sector organisations are constantly being asked to do more with less, and rising demand for services amid budgetary pressures is making certain services unsustainable. In particular, local authorities are facing rising demand for social services support and safeguarding services whilst dealing with budget cuts.

Areas where these issues are particularly acute are Children’s and Adults services and the prevention of homelessness.

The growing numbers of children and young people requiring support has put significant pressure on local authorities, who are struggling to find appropriate care and currently represents 73% of local authority spending on children’s services, up from the 58% recorded in 2010/11.

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EY - How can data tell a story that keeps a child safe?

Protecting vulnerable children: a key priority for governments

Our award winning cloud based data analytics platform developed with Xantura is designed to help your local authority shape Social Care and Housing services get resources to the right people at the right time.

Our solution enables more informed decision making, supports future commissioning decisions, targets resources more effectively, and transforms services for vulnerable groups.

The platform brings together cross-council and partner data to give professionals timely insights and a single view of households. We use historic and contextual risk factors to enable more effective resource allocation, generating financial savings and cost avoidance through early intervention.

Creating improved outcomes for families and efficiency for front line staff, the platform provides automated multi-agency chronologies and instant historical reports, giving professionals insight into the interventions and engagement the household has received, to support professional judgement and practice

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4751 people were sleeping rough in the England in 2017
a 15 % increase in the previous year

13740 households were accepted
as statutorily homeless in England.

390,000 children
— about 3 % of the 12 million children in England —
are in the social care system.

Around 90 children come in
to the care system in England every day.

How it works

Data sharing

EY - Data sharing

Enables smart and secure data sharing between different organisations– only shared on a need-to-know basis, in line with strict information governance protocols

Advanced analytics

EY - Advanced analytics

Identifies triggers of vulnerability as early as possible, with a holistic household lens, using data across agencies

Practice improvement

EY - Practice improvement

Ensures early, evidence-based investment across a number of services to prevent aggravation of problems and improve outcomes

Uses insights

EY - Uses insights

Use insights to transform services that continuously helps those most in need. Enabling early intervention to break the cycle of poor outcomes

“Data has never been so powerful. Our approach helps councils to identify families at greatest risk, before they are in crisis. This allows councils to intervene with the most vulnerable individuals and families in a more targeted, effective way, and potentially reduce the number of safeguarding cases, allowing professionals to dedicate more time to working with families that need the most help”

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