EY senior civil service women leaders index: UK

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About the report

There has been extensive research and public commentary on the benefits of women leaders in business and on private sector boards.

However, corresponding research for the public sector has been relatively minimal. This is why, in 2012, we started production of the first Worldwide Index of Women as Public Sector Leaders, setting out the proportion of women senior government officials in each of the G20 countries.

To complement the global analysis, we have commissioned this report, which analyses women Senior Civil Servants’ position in the UK. We have also interviewed a selection of Permanent Secretaries on their views on the journey to gender parity in the UK Government.

At EY we believe diversity is a key driver of innovation, which in turn leads to better outcomes for society. We are committed to helping drive debate and discussion on how women can, and must, play a more significant role in central government and business in the UK.

In January 2016, our ‘Fast Forward Programme’ countdown clock showed that gender parity is still 117 years away. Read more.

EY - Women in the UK public sector