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Transformation that puts patients first

We understand and anticipate the major challenges facing the NHS as it prepares itself for a new 10 year plan. The collective priorities for the health and care system are to develop:

  • Strong integrated health and social care systems that relate to defined populations. These care communities need to work within one financial envelope and have clear collective governance.
  • A clearer understanding of ‘population health’ with a stronger focus on prevention and health promotion and addressing the wider determinants of health. This requires a better use of information technology and analysis.
  • Greater productivity for providers building on the gains that have characterised the last few years. However, we are reaching the end of the line for incremental improvements, so if productivity is to rise further, new and more transformative approaches will be needed.
  • Reconfigured hospital facilities. If care is to shift ‘upstream’ and ‘out’ into community settings, the hospital’s role must be to focus on complex and acutely unwell patients. Getting the balance right between geographical access and increased sub-specialisation is a nettle that will need to be grasped.

How we can help

  • Provider sustainability: resource management that puts patients first

    The deficit between UK healthcare costs and the income from tariff payments means numerous trusts are recording losses year after year.

    In addition to this providers are facing unprecedented levels of demand, with increasing waits for non-urgent operations. There isn’t the trained staff to fully meet increasing demand, so the NHS must consider new workforce models to address this. A better structure for interfacing between primary and secondary care would ensure patients are seen by the right professional, for less money and using fewer resources.

    NHS trusts have invested in improving productivity. But these same trusts are also struggling to build enough internal capacity and improve access targets.

    We can help you:

    • Eliminate queues by proactively matching capacity and demand: fewer emergency queues and fewer cancellations of elective procedures.
    • Create savings and productivity plans: we can investigate exactly what is causing your costs to be higher than other trusts’ and offer innovative, tried and tested solutions.
    • Meet your financial control total: by taking a holistic approach.
    • Enhance patient experience: we collaborate with trusts to stabilise whole hospital non-elective flow relative to regional and national peers.
  • Integration and collaboration: the new NHS provider landscape

    The NHS provider landscape is changing; competition between providers is being replaced by collaboration, new ways of working, and in some cases, changes in organisational form.

    With the move to accountable care systems, and continued financial and operational pressure on the NHS, we expect the number of NHS provider organisations to continue to decrease.

    We can help you:

    • Develop a strategy around integration and collaboration: identify what challenges could be addressed by joint working or a transaction.
    • Develop new operating/clinical models: based on integrating services across two or more organisations.
    • Identify savings & benefits: making the business case for proposed integrations
    • Develop an integration plan: manage key stakeholder communications and engagement processes, and ensure the integration process runs to time and budget.
  • Clinical quality, safety and governance – sustainable improvement

    Your priority is to provide excellent patient care, while maintaining financial balance and ensuring a skilled and motivated workforce. You also need to keep patients safe. The best way you can achieve this is to ensure systems are in place which enable you to quickly understand your organisation’s position, know your biggest risks and issues, and help you coordinate and lead your staff to deliver excellence.

    We can help you:

    • Provide a holistic view of your organisation: review the health of its core systems and process, governance and leadership, its risk, and how Board assurance processes are keeping patients safe.
    • Implement new structures, people and processes: provide the vehicle in which excellence in care can be delivered and monitored.
    • Design and deliver your Quality Improvement Plan from diagnosis through to delivery: empowering front line clinicians in innovation and best practice.
    • Make rapid improvements in clinical care: help your front line teams with additional capacity and capability.
  • Integrated care: working together to improve a population’s health

    Integrated care relies on different health and care organisations collaborating together to improve the quality of their services and the health of their local population.

    Integrated Care Alliance

    Our Integrated Care Alliance focusses on places, populations and systems rather than organisations to accelerate prevention of illness and wellbeing on a holistic basis.

    We can help you:

    • Improve patient outcomes while increasing efficiencies and reducing costs: our approach to quality improvement balances clinical quality, financial efficiency and operational productivity.
    • See the real-time impact of interventions: We have developed a range of risk models which allow patients and clinicians to tailor the care plan to each individual. We measure the proposed and actual impact of change, and also consider health state inequalities and other underlying risk factors.
    • Self-manage care: improve patients’ self-management of care by providing advice on a range of behavioural interventions.
    • Design and establish a Local Health and Care Record Solution (LHCAR), which is holistic, practical and implementable, with the necessary financial rigour.
EY - Richard Guest“Never before has the health service had such an array of challenges and opportunities on the horizon in equal measure.

I am proud to be able to work with NHS organisations to help meet these challenges and help deliver quality patient care, sustainable health economies and financial balance.”
Richard Guest, UK&I Health Leader

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