• Scoring goals in FIFA World Cup viewing

    Insights from our survey of 2,000 UK consumers and the distinct viewing habits, attitudes and preferences towards watching the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

  • Are consumers content with your content?

    The fourth report in our series based on research of 2,500 UK households explores how technology is redefining what, how and when households watch, and the implications of these changes.

  • M&E Opportunities and threats 2018

    In this series of articles we discuss our finding and strategies and tactics for management teams to deploy in response to, or anticipation of, the shifting environment.

  • Decoding the digital home

    Our new customer insight into the digital home explores 2,500 UK households’ attitudes and usage habits to help TMT companies adapt to their customers’ changing digital needs.

  • As easy as X, Y, Z

    Exploring generational differences and attitudes to tech, media and telecoms

  • 2017 Media and Entertainment People Strategy Survey Report

    A deep dive into the challenges that Media and Entertainment (M&E) companies face now and anticipate in the future as they seek to attract, develop and retain talent.

  • Digital Selling Forum: key themes and takeaways

    Key themes and takeaways from our recent TMT Digital Selling Forum, which guide and educate on the opportunities and challenges of digital selling for B2B sales.

  • The Reality of VR for Women

    Our survey suggests that women are less likely to try VR and less enthusiastic when they do. We look at why, and what the industry can do to change this.

  • Long live the high street

    Things aren’t always what they seem to be when it comes to Gen Z and making telecommunications purchases or interacting with service providers.

Media & Entertainment

Doing business in a digital world

It’s a common assumption that millennials’ habits are driving digital change. Yet, from teenagers to retirees, changing consumer habits are being driven by every generation.

Also, tomorrow’s consumer will be even more empowered than today’s, which throws traditional industry assumptions out the window.

So, media and entertainment companies know that the new future – and the disruption it brings – must be viewed somewhat differently.

EY’s sector professionals are on hand to help companies not only frame change, but put a future-focused strategy into action.

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