• Putting trust at the heart of the digital home

    EY’s research explores UK consumers attitudes to data privacy, protection and security in the home.

  • Strengthening the smart home

    EY’s Lead Analyst for Global Telecoms, Adrian Baschnonga, discusses the current state of adoption for smart home services, pain points for consumers, and key steps providers should be taking to reassure them.

  • Explosion of streaming

    EY’s Lead Analyst for Global Media & Entertainment, Martyn Whistler, provides his insights on the increasing adoption of streaming services vs. traditional TV, the evolution in what audiences are willing to pay for and his highlights from the research.

  • Taking new steps into the smart home

    EY’s research reveals that households are becoming increasingly receptive to smart home technology, but there are pain points on the road to adoption.

  • Zooming in on household viewing habits

    EY’s research highlights the relationship of UK audiences to content services, examining what people watch, how and why.

  • Unlocking the potential of 5G and IoT

    Praveen Shankar, EY’s UK&I TMT Leader, discusses attitudes, expectations, spending habits and pain points of enterprises related to 5G and IoT — and how TMT providers can help them on their transformation journeys.

  • Energising the enterprise journey to 5G and IoT

    A new wave of connectivity is set to redefine enterprise. Recent EY research explores enterprise’s attitudes towards TMT products and services, with this edition putting the spotlight on the journey to 5G and IoT.

  • Opening the door on the digital home

    Adrian Baschnonga, Lead Analyst, Global Telecoms, discussed the launch of EY’s 2019 Decoding the digital home research with UK Tech News, including the increasing desire for a digital detox, the changing attitudes of the traditionally tech-savvy young, and the growing importance of trust and security.

  • Decoding the digital home 2019

    EY’s annual survey of 2,500 UK households explores the consumer attitudes towards connectivity and content within the home.

Media & Entertainment

Doing business in a digital world

It’s a common assumption that millennials’ habits are driving digital change. Yet, from teenagers to retirees, changing consumer habits are being driven by every generation.

Also, tomorrow’s consumer will be even more empowered than today’s, which throws traditional industry assumptions out the window.

So, media and entertainment companies know that the new future – and the disruption it brings – must be viewed somewhat differently.

EY’s sector professionals are on hand to help companies not only frame change, but put a future-focused strategy into action.

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