EY - Fuelling the next generation

Fuelling the next generation

A study of the UK upstream oil and gas workforce

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Foreword from the Oil and Gas Industrial Council

Skills are one of the key themes of our Oil and Gas Industrial Strategy.

Over the past 40 years, the industry has generated hundreds of thousands of exciting, rewarding careers. This workforce’s ingenuity and expertise has built an enviable global reputation, and its achievements have made a unique contribution to the UK’s economic well-being. But what does the future hold? And how can we ensure the workforce is in shape to meet the challenges ahead?

Earlier this year, Oil & Gas UK, OPITO, and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, commissioned EY to gather data to identify the demographic and skills composition of the current oil and gas industry workforce, the key challenges facing the industry, and how the demand for skills is likely to change over the next five years. The aim was to understand what actions would be needed to sustain the UK oil and gas industry’s reputation as a global centre of excellence.

Fuelling the next generation paints a detailed picture of the UK’s current and future upstream oil and gas labour market, and contains unique insights that will allow us to look at ways of addressing issues affecting the industry.