Navigating the Bundle Jungle

Content, connectivity and consumer trust

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The Bundle Jungle study is designed to monitor and evaluate UK consumers’ attitudes towards bundle packages that incorporate both telecommunications and TV services. It draws on consumer insights generated from an April 2016 online survey of 2,500 UK consumers.


Key messages:

  • The bundle market is a complex and mature landscape – 93% of broadband households now have some sort of bundle containing broadband, TV and telephony.
  • Customer attitudes to different bundle elements are mixed – TV bundles generate the most satisfaction, however consumers remain sceptical over the benefits of bundles including mobile.
  • The digital home is evolving rapidly, but pain points with broadband and bundles remain – a significant proportion of consumers are uninformed and frustrated by the services they receive.
  • Switching propensity has risen from 21% in 2013 to 25% in 2016, with trust and price savings the top attributes households would seek in a new provider.
  • Our segmentation of UK households into seven groups highlights a diverse landscape of consumer attitudes to bundles and the wider digital world.

Striking findings:

  • 40% of households don’t know the advertised maximum speed of their broadband connection
  • 32% of respondents believe there is very little or no difference between the service offered by different broadband providers
  • 55% of respondents would only be interested in a bundle including mobile if it offers a significant discount on the stand-alone price
  • Despite significant take-up of smartphones and tablets, there remains little appetite for watching long-form content on the move and out of the home.
  • Viewing the traditional free-to-air TV channels continues to be important to viewers

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“Bundle providers’ dreams have in many ways come true, but our study illustrates how they must be careful with what they’ve created: today’s digital households have a diverse set of needs and are more demanding than ever.”

Jean-Benoit Berty, TMT Sector Lead


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