Sizing up the smart home

What do UK consumers really think of the connected home?

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Whilst interest in the latest technology continues to rise, and ‘connected’ lifestyles are very much the norm, when it comes to the smart home, the majority of consumers have some way to go.

Based on our survey of 2500 UK households, our infographic Sizing up the smart home explores the discrepancy between advances in home technology and consumer attitudes and how, despite this disconnect, there are a number of opportunities for organisations looking to capitalise on the smart home revolution.

Key insights

  • Interest in new technologies continues to rise – 34% of households are very interested in new gadgets and tend to get them before everybody else.
  • However, on average, only 19% of households are likely to buy or use connected home technology over the next five years
  • It’s important to target the right kind of consumer as the smart home comes of age (digital devotees vs functional households)
  • It is important for organisations to put the consumer at the heart of everything they do – and understand and address their complex range of needs
  • Feedback, customisation and refinement are important for companies looking to venture into, and invest in, smart home technologies.

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EY - Sizing up the smart home infographic