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The Bundle Jungle

A closer look at consumer attitudes towards buying broadband, telephony and TV

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We canvassed the views of 2,500 UK consumers on their attitudes towards packages that incorporate telecommunications and TV services, more commonly known as bundles.

The Bundle Jungle reveals nearly two thirds (64%) of UK consumers do not want to pay a premium for sports content, while only 4% want mobile telephony as part of their bundle, despite these being key to many provider’s propositions.

More than two in three see little difference between various broadband suppliers, and even more surprisingly, almost 40% admit they don’t know the advertised maximum speed of their broadband connection.

We discovered 82% of UK households take some form of bundling – a significant increase from 53% in a 2007 survey conducted by EY. Surprisingly, price is no longer the key driver when choosing to bundle, with consumers citing the convenience of single billing and one point of contact for customer services over pricing.

Looking ahead, the findings suggest that the recent growth in bundling may reverse, with the proportion of non-bundle households potentially rebounding from 18% to 25%. This suggests more selective and sophisticated behaviours will create new and distinct consumer needs in a more fragmented marketplace.

Bundle customers are more satisfied than non-bundlers: 72% of respondents taking bundled broadband, telephony and TV say they’re satisfied, compared to 55% of non-bundlers.

Bundle customers also have a lower tendency to switch – and the likelihood of switching declines as the number of services in their bundle increases. Only one respondent in six has regularly switched provider for a better deal.

The Bundle Jungle: Six key findings:

 1) Residential bundles are now mainstream – but consumers are not receptive to packages that include mobile services

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 2) Bundles generate higher customer satisfaction and reduced churn

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 3) Attitudes towards fiber and pay-TV are polarized

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 4) Internet behaviors are sophisticated – yet consumers are apathetic and ill-informed about their broadband services

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 5) Segmentation reveals stark contrasts in attitudes towards bundle service and internet usage

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 6) In the future, service providers must target underserved users in a more fragmented market

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