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Brexit Diagnostic Model

EY’s Brexit Diagnostic Model: helping your business navigate uncertainty

Mats Persson EY’s Head of International Trade UK&I, considers how we can help businesses implement practical steps to prepare for the UK’s leaving the EU.

Navigating uncertainty with certainty

We are entering a period of unprecedented change to the trade, policy and economic landscape.

The Brexit negotiations’ exact outcome is unlikely to be known for some time, but analysis of the likely scenarios can help businesses prepare now by understanding the possibilities and identifying options and practical steps to help mitigate risks. Those that have prepared for the potential scenarios, decision points and likely impact on their structure will be better positioned to prosper post-Brexit.

How could Brexit impact your business?

EY’s Brexit Diagnostic Model helps businesses implement practical steps to prepare for the UK’s leaving the EU with the minimum diversion of resources.

We can help you:

  • understand the range of potential outcomes from the Brexit negotiations, and their likelihood
  • understand how, and to what extent, your business and its individual parts, could be affected by each scenario
  • quantify the probability of impact to allow prioritisation of action
  • identify and consider actions that could mitigate Brexit’s costs, or realise its opportunities
  • plan how and when actions need to be taken and when decisions must be made, in light of unfolding events
  • break down uncertainty into more manageable parts, and identify which areas can be controlled and addressed now.

We can tailor our diagnostic model to suit your business needs and ambitions. Areas for consideration include:

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