• Rally at close of 2017 sees London IPOs double in value

    IPO Eye Q4 2017 saw a busy end to the year, with 30 IPOs raising £5.1bn.

  • Financial Services power London to the top of EMEIA IPOs

    .. and our latest IPO Eye saw a number of businesses bring listings forward to take advantage of a stable regulatory environment.

  • IPO Eye Q2 2017

    Our latest IPO Eye asks has the main UK IPO market climbed its way back?

  • IPO Eye Q1 2017

    Our latest IPO Eye sees Article 50 activated – but what now for the UK IPO market?

  • IPO Eye Q4 2016

    Our latest IPO Eye sees AIM listings keeping the UK IPO market’s light on.

  • IPO Eye Q3 2016

    Our latest IPO Eye sees the unexpected Brexit result compounding a slow first half of the year, with many businesses putting listings on hold.

  • IPO Eye Q2 2016

    Our latest IPO Eye expects continuing subdued activity to bring the market to a near standstill following the UK’s decision to leave the EU.

  • IPO Eye Q1 2016

    IPO activity slows as companies put listings on hold until after the EU referendum.

  • Taking it to heart

    Exploring how investor relations is organised in companies pre and post IPO.

Initial Public Offerings

IPO Overview

When the IPO window of opportunity opens, winning companies are ready. While not all businesses are suited to life in the public eye, for many fast-growing private companies, an IPO can raise the capital needed to accelerate growth and achieve market leadership.

An IPO is the beginning of a new and dynamic journey for your company; it is also a long and complex process involving a multitude of advisors, and the time commitment required from senior management cannot be underestimated.

At EY, we understand these pressures. We also know what a successful IPO looks like. Our research has confirmed that the most successful IPOs, with a smooth transaction and thriving aftermarket, are the best prepared.

EY - IPO Eye Q1 2018


Q1 2018 saw London IPOs defy volatility with a slow but steady start to the year.

EY - IPO Retreat

IPO Retreat

IPO Retreat
An exclusive opportunity for a select group of CEOs and CFOs contemplating an IPO. The IPO Retreat will demystify all aspects of a float through workshops, case studies and open floor discussions

IPO Leaders Insights

Listing in London – What are the key characteristics of a UK IPO?
For entrepreneurs considering an IPO, the London Stock Exchange (LSE) offers a whole range of options. It operates four markets in total, with equity IPOs concentrated on the Main Market and AIM (formerly the Alternative Investment Market).

EY - IPO Readiness Assessment

IPO Readiness Assessment

Helping you prepare for your IPO?
Following the decision to float, the EY IPO Readiness Assessment provides analysis and insights to manage IPO preparations.>


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    EY - IPO Eye Q4 2017
    IPO Eye Q4 20171,39 MB, Jan 2017

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    Rally at close of 2017 sees London IPOs double in value