How well rehearsed are you for the public stage?

EY’s IPO services have helped more companies grow from private to public than any other organization. #BetterQuestions

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The EY IPO Retreat 21-22 May 2018 | Pennyhill Park Hotel

The EY IPO Retreat 24-25 April 2017


2018's EY IPO Retreat will take place on 21-22 May 2018 at Pennyhill Park Hotel

An IPO marks a turning point in the life of a company and the rewards can be significant. The key to a successful float is preparation, experienced guidance and effective execution. EY views an IPO as a business transformation process, not just a transaction, and the Retreat will help prepare you for this change.

An exclusive opportunity for a select group of CEOs and CFOs contemplating an IPO. The IPO Retreat will demystify all aspects of a float through workshops, case studies and open floor discussions. Attendees will hear business leaders share their personal experiences of floating their own companies as well as from a range of advisors who understand what it takes to deliver a successful IPO.

An IPO is not for everyone but the Retreat offers an unparalleled opportunity to find out whether it is the right growth option for your business.

Attendance by invitation only - request an invite