The better the question. The better the answer. The better the world works. У вас есть вопрос? У нас есть ответ. Решая сложные задачи бизнеса, мы улучшаем мир. У вас є запитання? У нас є відповідь. Вирішуючи складні завдання бізнесу, ми змінюємо світ на краще. Meilleure la question, meilleure la réponse. Pour un monde meilleur. 問題越好。答案越好。商業世界越美好。 问题越好。答案越好。商业世界越美好。


The EY Disruption Index™


Advancements in technology have disrupted business for centuries, driving change across existing sectors and creating new industries. And there’s no sign of this slowing down now. In fact, we expect technological advancement to continue to accelerate, with the next wave promising to be even more revolutionary.

The EY Disruption Index™ can help you make sense of this change. Each quarter, we analyse over 500,000 market events across 380 subsectors globally, to present an EY Disruption Index™ rating that reflects the speed at which disruptive technologies are being deployed through specific sectors. Our index can help companies and investors to track the rate of technological change, prompting them to ask themselves important questions, such as:

  • Which technologies are likely to disrupt our business?
  • How could this change over time?
  • How should we adapt to preserve and strengthen our competitive position into the future?

Q4 2018 headlines


Sector highlights

Travel & leisure is still the sector undergoing the fastest rate of change, driven by artificial intelligence, internet of things and virtual reality.

Oil and gas has shown the highest quarterly acceleration rate in disruptive technologies deployment across all sectors, mainly driven by artificial intelligence, the internet of things and robotics.


Technology highlights

The most disruptive technology across all sectors remains artificial intelligence, followed by blockchain which is focused largely on financial services, and internet of things.

Augmented reality, virtual reality and internet of things have seen the greatest rates of acceleration across certain sectors this quarter.

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