If operating a business requires taking risks, are you taking the right ones?

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Contract Risk Management

Many organisations facing cost pressures look to reduce spend or increase margins. In fact, successfully managing complex third party arrangements can produce significant opportunities for both buyers and suppliers, maximising the value and benefits these relationships can deliver.

How we can help: Minimise risk, maximise value

We work with both buyers and suppliers at all stages of the contract life cycle to manage the risks involved in their third party relationships and provide assurance over contract delivery. Identifying the contracts and relationships that present the greatest risks, we work with you to develop self-funding cash recovery and contract improvement programmes:

Contract risk management: minimising risk, maximising value

EY - Contract Risk Management

  • Cash recovery: By identifying where value is leaking, including incorrect billing, non-delivery leakage and scope changes, reclaim and redress where performance may have slipped.
  • Life cycle management: Identify and implement improved contract management processes and controls, and build capability to prevent future leakage and reduce spend or increase margins.
  • Relationship rebalancing: Improve third party relationships, enabling both parties to gain greater value from their collaboration.

Meet the team

EY - Layal El-Afifi

Layal El-Afifi is a Senior Manager in our Contract Risk Management team. Layal has contributed to building a better working world by helping an international manufacturing organisation create better ways of working with their global marketing partner, reducing costs for both parties and improving the quality of services delivered. Contact Layal to find out more.