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Strategic Risk

Good risk management takes your risk analysis from backward looking to strategy setting, and allows you to achieve your commercial aims by improving the quality of decision making.

How we can help: Informing business performance

Our Strategic Risk Outcomes (SRO) team helps senior decision makers to not only protect their organisations, but also enhance business performance:

  • Risk and Resilience Review (R3): EY’s Risk and Resilience Review (R3) is a systematic methodology that allows your business to understand its full risk horizon, and how to take action and reduce uncertainties. Find out more. Link to flyer as above.
  • Risk Analytics and Reporting: Understand the connections between your organisation’s inputs and outputs in order to move from risk analysis to risk management.
  • Risk appetite: Establish and apply your risk appetite, moving it from abstraction into a useful management tool for setting both direction and red limits.

Meet the team

EY - Stefan Gershater

Stefan Gershater is a Director in Strategic Risk Outcomes. Stefan is helping clients build a better working world through his innovative thought leadership and analysis in our Managing Risk under Uncertainty series. Contact Stefan to find out more.