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Risk Technology

Global organisations are universally confronted with rising cost pressures, ever more complex risks and a changing regulatory landscape. Despite significant investment in technology that offers seemingly limitless potential, the cost of control continues to increase, with many organisations struggling to reap the benefits of their investment.

Trust is a key component of organisational value, and an organisation’s ability to quickly identify an issue and respond appropriately increases confidence and saves effort.

How we can help: Improved automation, robotics and centralisation, reducing error and freeing up your time

Our Risk Technology team works with global organisations to help transform their control environments, typically reducing overall controls costs by 20-30%.

  • Increased automation: Many Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have not fully exploited the opportunity automated controls present, and continue to run with a degree of manual activity. Not only is this more costly, it also creates greater risk through human error, and delivers less insight. Understand which controls are critical, and focus on increasing automation in these areas. This typically drives a 70% improvement in automation levels.
  • Smarter tools: Deploy the right governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) and robotics technology provides real-time visibility into risk events, control failures and access misuse, driving a more efficient approach to risk management and control. We also help organisations use best practice to embed the technology properly and achieve the greatest impact.
  • Existing capabilities: Use EY’s onshore offices to help you focus on core competencies – partnering with us where it makes sense. EY’s centralised controls excellence operations centre offers a range of managed services. Outsource your testing services for targeted and real-time insight into access violations, control exceptions and risk events, and strengthen first and second lines of defence – so you can redirect your time to higher value activities.

Meet the team

EY - Andy Robson

Andy Robson is a Manager in our Risk Technology team. Andy has contributed to building a better working world by helping clients reduce fraud and cost through the use of GRC technologies. Following a comprehensive review of internal processes, this created greater visibility for a large oil and gas client in high risk areas, whilst a simplified design reduced ongoing support costs. Contact Andy to find out more.