Managing Risk under Uncertainty

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Find out how to turn uncertainty into opportunities with EY’s thought leaders.

Managing Risk under Uncertainty
Kersty Beaumont, Risk Advisory and Assurance Partner

Even before the UK’s EU referendum result, corporations around the world faced significant challenges to achieving success in an increasingly uncertain world. However the challenges presented by internal and external risks are becoming more complex, both in terms of understanding which to take and which to protect against.

Contract Risk Management
Mark Stevenson, Head of Contract Risk Management Services

At the heart of every successful third party contract arrangement is a strong, open, effective working relationship, and, at a time of great uncertainty, these relationships are even more important. There are two things organisations should be doing to manage risk under uncertain conditions, preserve organisational agility and be able to respond to events.

Who are your suppliers’ suppliers?
Mark Stevenson, Head of Contract Risk Management Services

How well do under understand your contracts, and how well do you understand your suppliers’ contracts?

Brexit – practical thoughts on uncertainty
Patrick Healy, Executive Director, Strategic Risk

Do the right people see, contribute to and understand risks to your organisation, and how robust and integrated is risk management into the decision making process?

Uncertainty and Agility
Stefan Gershater, Director, Strategic Risk

How does your organisation understand uncertainty, and what does agility mean to you?

Uncertainty and Complexity
Stefan Gershater, Director, Strategic Risk

In complexity there are concerns, but there are also vast opportunities, and, ironically, clarity. How does you organisation tackle risk and complexity?

We need to talk about Risk
Stefan Gershater, Director, Strategic Risk

We should be asking much better, much harder questions of ourselves as risk people, of risk capabilities and skills, and of what we want risk to do for our organisation.

Look to Internal Audit for Agility
Colette Devey, Director, Risk

With most organisations facing a high degree of uncertainty regarding the implications of the UK’s decision to leave the EU, Internal Audit is uniquely-positioned to respond to the questions that will come from its stakeholders.