Press Releases

September 2017

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Read more  60% of North West employers think young people do not have the skills they need to enter the workforce
28 September 2017

Read more  CBI survey retail sales balance at 2-Year high in September, but life remains challenging for consumers - EY ITEM Club
27 September 2017

Read more  Mortgage approvals at 6-month high in August as consumer credit growth slows - EY ITEM Club
23 September 2017

Read more  Tourism sector boosts UK economy in Q3 as foreign visits and spend in UK up in July - EY ITEM Club
22 September 2017

Read more  Loss of momentum in manufacturing sector after strong performance over summer - EY ITEM Club
22 September 2017

Read more  Boost for Chancellor as public finances see smallest August deficit since 2007 - EY ITEM Club
21 September 2017

Read more  Companies will need to work harder to keep their annual reports focussed says EY
20 September 2017

Read more  UK retail sales see healthy growth in August, but consumers remain under serious pressure - EY ITEM Club
20 September 2017

Read more  Mark Carney comments increase expectations of near term Bank of England rate hike - EY ITEM Club
19 September 2017

Read more  EY announces new global talent programmes to prepare its people and its business for the future of work
19 September 2017

Read more  Hawkish tone of MPC comments may fuel speculation of imminent interest rate rise - EY ITEM Club
15 September 2017

Read more  MPC looking more hawkish despite interest rate hold at September meeting - EY ITEM Club
14 September 2017

Read more  Strong UK employment growth continues to defy weak economy - EY ITEM Club
13 September 2017

Read more  UK Inflation Up to 2.9% in August, likely to Peak Just Above 3% in late 2017 - EY ITEM Club
12 September 2017

Read more  UK House Prices Up 1.1% in July, however long-term upturn unlikely - EY ITEM Club
12 September 2017

Read more  New coalition of young people, voluntary and social enterprise sector, educators, and employers calls for “School to Work Framework” in the national curriculum
12 September 2017

Read more  Stable inflation expectations mean interest rate hike unlikely before late 2018 - EY ITEM Club
8 September 2017

Read more  Mixed bag of data points to an economy struggling to break out of sluggish growth - EY ITEM Club 
8 September 2017

Read more  House prices are unlikely to rise by more than 2% over 2017 - EY ITEM Club 
7 September 2017

Read more  Half of UK FinTechs expect revenue growth to more than double in the next year but question marks remain around customer adoption
7 September 2017

Read more  EY’s response to today’s Ogden Rate Announcement
7 September 2017

Read more  UK services activity at 11-month low in August economy still struggling to get out of low gear - EY ITEM Club
5 September 2017

Read more  August sees 6.4% y/y drop in new UK car sales as both consumers and business cut back - EY ITEM Club
5 September 2017

Read more  Construction PMI shows activity at 12-month low in August as new orders contract again - EY ITEM Club
4 September 2017

Read more  August Purchasing Managers Survey points to healthy Q3 for manufacturers EY ITEM Club
1 September 2017