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Risk Analytics

Risk Analytics

Using analytics to identify, quantify and predict risk across key organisational areas such as finance, supply chain and IT

We provide data-driven risk intelligence and bespoke solutions to our clients, through the analysis of transactional or operational data. We are experts in harnessing large amounts of data, to quantify control weaknesses and highlight where business failures are occurring.

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Key Services:

ERP analytics

Analytics specifically for SAP and Oracle which quantify and visualise control weaknesses and improvement opportunities across key business processes.

KRI monitoring

Deploying risk monitoring solutions, enabling organisations to track risks and take action early.

Text analytics

Deriving meaning and sentiment from large amounts of unstructured data, such as internal reports or social media feeds.


Deploying advanced analytics, including machine learning and natural language processing, to solve risk problems.

Report and data-flow assurance

Reconciling data between systems and independent re-calculation of reports to identify where data flows are failing or where system and report logic is incorrect.

Analytics across the three lines of defence

Assessing the current analytics capability across the three lines of defence, setting the vision and building a detailed roadmap to transform an assurance function, such as internal audit, to be analytics driven.


Transforming the internal audit function for a global telecommunications company

We have been working with a global telecommunications company to transform their internal audit area into an analytics enabled function, with coverage of nearly all global audits. This involved carrying out an as-is capability assessment, defining a future vision and detailed roadmap as well as supporting with execution. A solution was required to audit processes such as purchase to pay, order to cash and record to report, in real-time. We worked with our client to build analytics into their SAP HANA platform, leveraging our Explorer for SAP asset.


Helping a global consumer goods company to review their new global ERP system

The global consumer goods company was in the process of migrating to a central SAP platform and needed insight into how well their controls were operating. We quantified cases where controls were being bypassed and pinpointed which regions and users were of risk, enabling focussed remediation.


Mining written audit & compliance reports for risk insight

A global internal audit function needed strategic insight into issues occurring across the business to help drive where to focus their audit efforts. A key source of this insight was the hundreds of audit reports written each year by their auditors globally, however it was a huge amount of information to sift through. EY used a natural language processing algorithm to process all audit reports and summarise high-level themes being noted globally. It takes the leadership team immediately to the hot topics and emerging issues that they need to consider auditing as priority.


Automating the procurement monitoring process for a global company

Our client had a very time consuming process of running basic procurement reports, involving manual extractions and manipulation of SAP and Cognos data. We automated their ETL process and built real-time analytics and Spotfire dashboards to visualise activity. This allows them to monitor risks, spend and to flag exceptions early.

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