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How does an energy company keep its customers switched on?

Find out how we helped an energy company develop, design and deliver a unique, one-stop service for the connected home.

From initial idea to in-the-home: we worked with this energy company to create a new service for the connected household.

This leading energy company plays a crucial role in its customers’ lives. As well as supplying energy, it also offers domestic maintenance and repair services. It plans to install smart energy meters to all its customers by 2020, to secure its position as the connected home evolves.

Examining the future

We used our global, cross-sector experience in energy, telecommunications, technology and the emerging world of the Internet-of-Things, to help this company explore market trends and opportunities in the new energy world. While it faced challenges such as increased commoditisation, regulation and new suppliers entering the market, it also sensed opportunity. The connected home could offer a way to expand its role with customers, differentiate itself from other energy suppliers, and open new value streams.

Breaking new ground

The next step was to create a business unit with the freedom to explore new ideas while drawing on the considerable resources of the core business. Our team worked with the company to design an incubator, and then bring in people with the right skills to develop technology-based ideas for growth.

“Once they decided a new service around connected homes was the best option, we supported the development of a business proposition and plan, while also carrying out customer research, evaluating technology and identifying key partners”, says Yunus Ozler, Partner, EY.

The perfect fit

We helped facilitate a partnership between the company and a technology provider in order to create greater scale and offer more benefits. This company already provides support, service and repairs for millions of household appliances and devices. This complements both the energy company’s home maintenance service and its role as energy supplier. The potential for smart meters to provide valuable information about energy use or faulty devices added extra value to the partnership. By putting a service wrap around all elements of the connected home, customers would have seamless, tap-of-a-button service access.

Servicing the connected home

The partnership’s combined 4,000-strong workforce of highly skilled engineers and technical advisers will support a total of around 10 million households in the UK and Ireland. Customers will be able to control connected devices in the home, arrange installation of smart thermostats and security systems, and get help to address all their technical and maintenance issues: from boiler to laptop; dishwasher to Wi-Fi.

Delivering the future

From technology development through to marketing, legal and procurement, we are helping put the right frameworks in place across the whole ecosystem.

By helping this company differentiate, boost retention, increase customer engagement and support multi-play take up, the new partnership addresses key strategic objectives. This is helping the energy company improve customers’ lives by offering added protection and service in their homes. Once up and running, this will be another real step forward on their journey towards becoming a market-leading retailer of energy and services.


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