Climate Change and Sustainability Services

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We can help you achieve your core purpose and thrive in a complex, resource constrained world.

By combining our deep experience of environmental, social and ethical factors with strategic and operational excellence we enable you to successfully transform your organisation for lasting success.

We have developed services that enable you to:

  • Set clear priorities

    By understanding the links between sustainability performance, value creation and the successful delivery of business strategy we help leadership teams prioritise and invest with confidence and achieve their purpose.

  • Make fully informed decisions

    By measuring the impacts, risks and opportunities associated with sustainability we help you make better, evidence based decisions and create more value for your organisation, value chain and stakeholders.

  • Enhance resilience and performance

    By developing a deep understanding of what drives your organisation’s resilience, value chain and business model we develop safety, ethical and environmental programmes.

  • Build trust and confidence

    Through enhanced controls and assurance we help build board confidence in the adequacy and pace of sustainability programmes and the integrity of external reporting.

We help:

  • Organisations transforming towards a purpose driven strategy who need to understand the risks and opportunities presented by safety, ethical and environmental factors
  • Companies exposed to material environmental and social risks in their operations and supply chains
  • Those subject to increasingly stringent and rapidly changing environmental and social regulations, standards and stakeholder expectations
  • Companies whose sector is becoming disrupted by innovation and competition based on new technologies or business models with superior sustainability profiles.

    *We are proud of the work we do at EY to manage our own environmental and social impacts. To find out more please visit our Corporate Responsibility pages.