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Even the best rules won’t eliminate risk where human behaviour is involved. New tools and techniques that focus on culture can help safeguard and add value to businesses driven by people.

Our new paper The route to risk reduction: better rules or better decisions? discusses the role of an organisation’s culture in helping to mitigate risk. It explores decision-making influencers, identifying where culture could create risk, new tools and technologies that indicate areas of concern, and implementing these approaches.

Key areas we explore:

  • Rules aren’t enough to prevent scandals. While they can help guide decision-making, human behaviours are also shaped by individuals’ experiences of an organisation’s environment.
  • An unmonitored culture can pose a range of risks and prevent an organisation fulfilling its potential.
  • Leading edge psychometric, data analytic and other tools can offer early risk warnings.
  • A wide range of business functions can derive value from a better understanding of their culture.
  • The journey forward in understanding and leveraging culture, and the benefits this can bring.

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