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Forensic & Integrity Services

Successful organisations depend on their reputation for keeping promises, respecting laws and behaving ethically to maintain stakeholder trust. EY Forensic & Integrity Services professionals help organisations protect and restore enterprise and financial reputation. We assist companies and their legal counsel to investigate facts, resolve disputes and manage regulatory challenges. We put integrity at the heart of compliance programs to help better manage ethical and reputational risks.       

We understand how organisations navigate complex environments; how pressures, attitudes and culture influence employee actions; and how to leverage data analytics to improve compliance and investigation outcomes. We are committed to making integrity the cornerstone of a better working world.

The Integrity Agenda

Bridge the gap between intentions, actions and measurement.  Hear more from Andrew Gordon, EY Global Leader, Forensic & Integrity Services.

The announced intentions of an organisation may be clear: policies and codes of conduct are in place, and senior leaders demonstrate commitment via formal and informal communications. Yet, recent high- profile scandals at major corporations show that aberrational conduct by executives has persisted and gone unnoticed for long periods of time. When the misconduct finally surfaced publicly, expensive investigations have ensued, fines have mounted and individuals have been prosecuted, while market capitalizations have declined. To close the gap between intent and reality, organisations should focus their efforts on improving the effectiveness of their compliance programs by assessing the corporate culture, controls and governance from an integrity perspective, leveraging new technologies to provide better data insights.

The importance of integrity

Integrity is the cornerstone to success. The results from our most recent Global Fraud Survey suggest that the benefits of demonstrating organisational integrity go beyond the avoidance of fines and can actually improve business performance. Survey respondents felt that customer perception, public perception, recruitment and retention of employees were deemed more important benefits than avoiding scrutiny and penalties.

Introducing the Integrity Agenda

The Integrity Agenda helps organisations bridge the gap between intentions and behaviours. It is a framework for success built on a core set of four elements that align an individual’s actions with an organisation’s objectives. It enables successful organisations to stay true to their missions, keep their promises, respect laws and ethical norms, and foster public trust in the free enterprise system.

EY - Integrity Agenda

What we do


Detecting and responding to fraud

Our dedicated global team of investigators, forensic accountants and technology professionals will help you respond rapidly and effectively to alleged fraud or corrupt practises affecting your business. Our vigilance, knowledge and insight will also help you safeguard the financial and reputational value of your organisation in times of crisis

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International Arbitration: Forensic accounting and other subject matter services

Our extensive network of professionals enables us to assemble high-performing teams to provide exceptional client service worldwide. Our support is particularly relevant for cases involving large or complex data sets, and we use leading technology platforms for capturing, processing and reviewing data in a forensically robust manner, and for forensic data analytics and data virtualisation.

EY - International Arbitration brochure International Arbitration brochure download

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Dealing decisively with disputes

Our professionals can help you resolve complex commercial disputes. By advising on the financial aspects of contracts and deals that often give rise to disputes, we can also help you reduce the risk of future problems before the deal is even signed. We can support you in effectively presenting your position on financial and commercial matters in international arbitrations and court proceedings. We are able to provide robust independent views that bring together deep forensic accounting knowledge, sector insight and our extensive cumulative experience of advising on matters in most dispute resolution forums. Ultimately, we help you safeguard the value of your business.

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Compliance and Business Integrity

We make the connection between integrity, compliance and business performance. We will work with you to build and operate a proactive integrity and compliance culture in your organisation. This includes applying our global experience and understanding of integrity and compliance risks to help you assess and reduce the incidence of compliance and regulatory breaches. Our aim is to help you improve your business performance and protect your brand, your financial stability and corporate values of honesty, integrity and transparency, through sustainable integrity management.

EY - Compliance ISO 19600 Compliance ISO 19600
EY - Compliance ISO 37001 Compliance ISO 37001
EY - Integrity, Compliance & Ethics Integrity, Compliance & Ethics



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Forensic Technology & Discovery Services

Forensic analysis with leading technology

EY provides a wide range of eDiscovery, data analytics and cyber breach investigation and response management capabilities, on a global basis. Our multidisciplinary teams can deploy advanced technologies and professional services anywhere in the world, responding with speed and precision to complex regulatory, fact-finding and cyber security risks.

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Transaction Forensics

Transactions to acquire or sell businesses represent a balance of risk and reward for the parties. Whilst most deals are completed successfully, some inevitably lead to disputes between the parties.

We provide advice throughout the transaction process, from pre-deal due diligence to a review of the draft sale and purchase agreement and the resolution of disputes over the purchase price. In so doing we help you reduce risk and provide greater certainty that the post-completion outcome of a transaction is in line with your commercial expectations.

Our services:

  • Sales and purchase agreement (SPA) reviews
  • Forensic, anti-bribery and corruption and anti-competition due diligence
  • Completion account reviews
  • Expert determination submissions to an expert
  • Acting as an independent expert / reporting accountant
  • Breach of warranty claim advice
  • Other post-acquisition investigations and disputes

To find out more about our services, contact Maggie Stilwell.

EY - Are you maximising value on your deal?

Are you maximising value on your deal?

7 key issues you should consider when using a completion accounts mechanism: find out more plus our contact details.

Business critical issues


Ransomware isn’t new – over the last five years the number of attacks has grown tremendously, usually by financially motivated cyber criminals extorting relatively small amounts of money from victims whose data they are holding hostage. These criminals promise to release the data in exchange for payment, but this does not always happen.

WannaCry is the first time ransomware has been used in conjunction with self-propagating malware (commonly known as ‘worms’), which enable it to spread more aggressively to other computers over an organisation's network without further user interaction. The WannaCry incident highlights the need for organisations to get the cybersecurity basics right.

EY’s range of cybersecurity services – including proactive penetration testing, cyber transformation and Managed Security Operations Centres – can be used to help prevent a ransomware outbreak within an organisation.

Insider Threat

Insider Threat: The Risk Within

As organisations’ critical assets become more exposed, many have safeguards to prevent external threats, but few apply the same considerations to insider risk. Learn more.

Integrity Diligence

Understanding who you conduct business with has become more than just good business practice – it is smart compliance. Multinational organisations are rapidly adjusting to enforcement standards that hold companies responsible for the actions of their business partners and vendors, and require effective third-party due diligence.

EY Integrity Diligence helps clients design, implement and maintain effective third-party diligence systems on a global scale. Our multidisciplinary teams work internationally to develop in-depth research and analysis on the background and reputation of third parties, joint venture partners or acquisition targets, supporting better-informed decision making across your business. We combine comprehensive analysis of publically available data with the insights of colleagues across our global Forensics network.

Our services:

  • Integrity Diligence: EY_ID

    We have developed a proprietary technology platform – EY_ID – to help our clients address the challenges of a comprehensive and consistent integrity diligence process.

    EY_ID is a secure, end-to-end technology solution to connect companies, third parties, and service providers seamlessly on a single web-based platform. It acts as an automated focal point to collect, review, assess, and archive the information required for a robust Know Your Third Party programme.

    The result is a centrally managed and globally accessible platform designed to improve standardisation, transparency, and accountability throughout the third-party life cycle.

    EY_ID is highly customisable with a tailored workflow. It offers advanced dashboards with visual data analytics and search functionality. Key features include:

    • An automated risk scoring engine driven by key third-party diligence results
    • Single-entry and bulk upload screening of third-party data
    • Customised third-party questionnaires and certifications
    • Auditable repository third-party records, diligence reports and approval.
  • Transaction Forensics

    We help clients manage bribery and corruption risks associated with transactions by conducting in-depth research on acquisition targets, joint venture partners or other entities involved in the deal. The support can be stand-alone, or part of wider Due Diligence engagements. Our research includes reviews of online material, retrieval of physical records, reference checks and leveraging of our industry and market knowledge.

  • Enhanced Due Diligence

    We support financial services clients in relation to money laundering and other KYC requirements, focused on higher risk customers.

Watch our video on Integrity Diligence

The cost of engaging corrupt third parties has never been higher for multinational companies. The top 10 Foreign Corrupt Practices Act cases in the US all centred on the use of external parties to facilitate bribery, and ongoing Serious Fraud Office investigations are focused on third party agents. We know from working with large organisations how difficult it is to control third-party risk across the business – but regulators and boards are demanding a consistent and comprehensive approach. EY_ID is our response to that challenge.


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