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Decoding the digital home 2019

Early adopters and digital detoxers

EY’s annual survey of 2,500 UK households explores consumer attitudes and habits towards technology, media and entertainment and telecommunications (TMT) products and services in the home. This year’s research reveals a number of fascinating findings, highlighting both the opportunities and challenges facing TMT providers in the digital home.

Households are more receptive to new technology and increasingly willing to pay — with the younger generation leading the way. However, while enjoying the benefits of greater connectivity, households also articulate anxieties as they seek digital downtime, fall back on the familiar and worry about trust.

Find out more in our animation video, and download the report to learn about shifting trends, consumer attitudes towards connectivity and content in the home and – crucially – what this means for TMT companies.

Looking ahead, it is essential for providers to simplify their propositions and offer easier to understand and clearly communicated products and services. Consumer privacy and security fears must also be heeded, as they risk undermining levels of adoption, satisfaction and loyalty. Building trust with customers should be at the centre of providers’ strategy because, as our survey shows, this is one of the biggest obstacles to the continuing growth of the digital household. TMT providers can differentiate themselves and gain competitive advantage if they can tackle the element of trust.

Praveen Shankar | UK&I Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Leader

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Our digital home series looks at consumer attitudes and habits towards TMT products and services in the home, with each focusing in-depth on a specific area to draw out fresh insights.

Decoding the digital home 2019

This overview report opens the door into the nuances of today’s digital home.

1 Zooming in on household viewing habits


of households mainly watch TV programmes on the five traditional TV channels, up from 46% in 2017.

2 Taking new steps into the smart home


of households would like to control their home appliances through a new device or app.

3 Putting trust at the heart of the digital home


agree that GDPR will significantly improve the security of their personal data.

4 Exceeding customer expectations


of households would pay more for their broadband in return for good customer service.

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