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EY - Adjoint


At Adjoint, we’re building a revolutionary new messaging and consensus protocol that allows enterprises to quickly deploy, maintain and analyse a global network of smart contracts on top of a mathematically verified, cryptoledger fabric. Our new approach is based on the latest research in cryptography, type systems and formal verification. It addresses the serious limitations preventing the widespread adoption of smart contracts and distributed ledgers for institutions who want to go beyond the proof-of-concept stage into real production environments.

EY - BlockVerify


Blockverify wants to have a global, positive social impact by using blockchain technology to “make the world more honest and authentic”. We believe new business models will need new technologies based on transparency and trust. Blockverify technology provides a distributed ledger solution which allows companies to prove exactly where their products are in the supply chain at any given time, and businesses and end consumers to trace the source, establish authenticity and prove ownership of their purchases.

EY - Bitfury


The Bitfury Group is the leading full service blockchain technology company and one of the largest private infrastructure providers in the blockchain ecosystem. It develops and delivers software and hardware solutions that allow businesses, governments, organisations and individuals to move an asset across the blockchain easily, quickly, securely and cost effectively, Bitfury believes the blockchain can, and will, open new doors for global economic opportunity and prosperity, and its mission is to create and advance blockchain applications that will further promote innovation and the advancement of the peer-to peer economy and the Economy of Things.

EY - BTL Group Ltd

BTL Group Ltd

Operating from both Vancouver, Canada and Canary Wharf in London, BTL has positioned itself as a front-runner in the blockchain ecosystem, providing advice and knowledge to industry leaders.

It offers blockchain solutions to businesses across multiple industries. Recently partnering with Visa, BTL built a prototype showcasing the capabilities of a blockchain based interbank payment network built on Interbit, BTL’s core settlement and asset trading solution.

Interbit is an open, multi-chain, asset settlement platform with a suite of APIs and smart contracts that allow entrepreneurs from across the world to participate and innovate in providing global access to lightweight, lightning-fast, secure, and auditable financial and asset trading services.



JAAK is a Smart Content platform for digital media. Our protocol acts as an 'operating system' for defining, managing and commercialising media and metadata on the blockchain. JAAK OS stores media assets and metadata in peer-to-peer storage and creates a smart contract on the blockchain that acts as an agent. This can be programmed to handle access, payments and analytics, deliver content to end clients and consumers, and be upgraded with new functionality.

EY - Tallysticks


Tallysticks is a software company that uses blockchain technology to deliver efficiencies to financial workflows. In particular, Tallysticks’ technology automates the purchase order, from invoicing to financing to asset-backed securitisation to payment workflow. Tallysticks delivers all automation by integrating into various ERP and accounting systems (eg. SAP, Sage, Xero), and connecting them with financial ecosystems (lenders, insurers and asset managers) as well as by plugging into electronic payment rails (so no virtual currency). The Tallysticks system can also be accessed via a web portal.

watch the launch video to see what’s planned for this year

EY Starup Challence - This years programme

This year’s programme

This year the programme will focus on building blockchain solutions and prototypes.

We will help the startups as they pursue opportunities to pilot these solutions with our people and clients. During the six week programme, startups will have access to EY and client mentors, a series of educational workshops, press exposure, and regular contact with market-leading businesses. The programme ends with a showcase day on 19 October 2016 when the startups will demonstrate their solutions.

The Challenge

This year, we explore the application of blockchain solutions for two industry areas:

  1. Digital rights management for media and entertainment sectors
  2. Energy trading for the power and energy sectors.

1. Digital Rights Management

The world for media enterprises is increasingly complex and dynamic. Today’s media world is characterised by more content, in more formats, being consumed on an ever-changing mix of platforms.

Media companies are looking to improve their investments in content, make better use of their current assets, and better assess risks. To take on these issues, we are looking for startups with blockchain technologies that can address:

  • Tracking and visibility of content rights as it is created and incorporated in works
  • Access and control over content to ensure the user has rights to view or use it
  • Making and receiving payments for use of proprietary content to content owners.

2. Energy Trading

Despite developments to bring technology into the Energy sector, trading in energy and commodities remains a fundamentally manual and complex process, putting organisations leading to low transparency and inefficiencies, which in turn increase risk and operational costs.

Blockchain technology could help energy trading organisations transform the way trades are created and settled, driving down costs, increasing the speed of trade, and reducing their risk in the market. This could provide greater confidence and boost liquidity in the marketplace. Our blockchain start-up challenge will focus on:

  • Counter-party identity verification
  • Deal creation and confirmations, e.g. through smart contracts
  • Back-office processes, e.g. settlements.

Key Dates

After application and selection, the programme will begin with an induction day on 7 September and the challenge will start on 12 September, running for a total of six weeks.

Induction day

Mentors and startups meet and are on-boarded to the programme

Week 1

Ideation and validation of prototypes and solutions to be built

Week 2-5

Build, test and iterate solutions and prototypes with ongoing mentor feedback

Week 6

Finalise prototypes and solutions for showcase and piloting

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