Get the most from your IPO

EY IPO Leaders insights
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With you all the way

At each stage - no matter what your sector, location or chosen market - we have the knowledge, experience and global reach to help you get the most from your IPO journey.

Strategic considerations

There are different strategic considerations that may lead to the IPO decision. What are your goals and motivations for going public?

Where to list

Companies can choose from more than 100 stock exchanges and listing options worldwide. How will you find out which is the best fit for your individual strategy?

Getting IPO ready

There are many steps involved in fully preparing for an IPO. What are the areas companies need to focus on?

IPO planning and plan B options

Careful planning and keeping your options open is essential for IPO success. Have you drawn up your road map?

Life in the public eye

Leading a company through an IPO can be an intense and emotional ride. How well placed are you to deal with new challenges a listing will bring?