Rapid Performance Improvement

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Most businesses are likely to experience operational challenges and underperformance at some point. Whilst the root causes can be buried below the surface, the negative impact can be highly visible – profit warnings, declining performance metrics, failure to achieve project milestones, loss of customer contracts or management departures.

Whether a business is in crisis or simply faced with a challenge, EY’s Restructuring Team helps management teams identify the issues, stabilise the business and provide tangible results quickly.

We dive into the issues across operations, market, capital, and the full range of stakeholders, and deploy financial and operational experts to solve challenges and ultimately transform outcomes.

Common challenges

  • Operations
    • Increasing costs/decreasing margins
    • Earnings underperformance versus peers
    • Inefficient processes/systems
    • Cumbersome organisational structure
  • Market
    • Revenue deteriorating or growth rates behind peers
    • New market entrants or competitor behaviour
    • Pricing pressure
    • Changing customer behaviour
  • Capital
    • Undertaking a transaction or investment
    • Sourcing new financing
    • Risk of covenant breach or missed interest payment
    • Lack of forward visibility on cash and/or excess working capital
  • Stakeholders
    • Sudden or unexplained departure of management
    • Changes in legislation and regulation
    • Changes in shareholders and lenders with a new strategy or more activist approach

How we can help

Whether a business is in crisis or simply faced with an operational challenge, our team is experienced in helping management teams identify and prioritise the most critical issues, stabilise the business, establish a leadership and stakeholder consensus around the solution and deliver tangible results quickly.

Our Quickscan 360° approach

EY - QuickScan 360°

Our team brings you:

  • A practical, hands-on approach
  • Insightful operational and sector experience
  • Analytical tools to establish fast facts about performance
  • Financial background, bringing rigour to decision making
  • Deep experience of working quickly in an uncertain environment
  • Client tailored solutions

We seek to transform outcomes by:

  • Identifying and prioritising the most critical business issues
  • Establishing a leadership and stakeholder consensus around the solution
  • Delivering tangible results quickly