Leading the restructuring

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Restructuring an organisation brings many challenges on top of the daily demands of running a business. For example; managing competing agendas, creating time to develop options, knowing which option is the right one when information may be imperfect and, executing decisions at pace to maintain stakeholder support in a stressed environment.

Three critical elements to leading a successful restructuring:

  • Pace: We deliver rapid solutions with imperfect information
  • Confidence: We create understanding, alignment and support with internal and external stakeholders
  • Execution: We focus on actions which deliver transformational outcomes

Common challenges

  • Operational and financial underperformance and value erosion
  • Loss of focus
  • Loss of talent
  • Weakened credibility with stakeholders
  • Liquidity shortfalls
  • Lack of clarity around performance and trust in the numbers (profit and cash)
  • Management overstretched
  • Lack of appropriate experience and skill to tackle issues
  • Failure to hit milestones

How we can help

  • Board support and leadership: From acting as Financial Advisor to hands on support such as taking Board level appointments, for example as Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO). Providing guidance and a clarity of thinking drawn from our insights and deep experience of leading restructurings for over 40 years.
  • Stabilise: Creating the breathing space and platform to address the challenges through rapid intervention, with a focus on pace and impact to create the necessary grip and control, whilst securing common internal and external stakeholder understanding and buy-in.
  • Turnaround: Working with management to identify and prioritise value protection and creation opportunities, the resources, rigour and step plans necessary to deliver these, with the necessary financial restructuring to ensure plans are underpinned by a sustainable capital structure.
  • Transform: Creating and maintaining momentum – from the initial intervention and turnaround initiatives brought by the restructuring approach, to building and executing a clear medium- to longer-term strategy and value creation plan, through to ultimate exit and value realisation.