Creating a responsible and sustainable business

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The role of business is changing.

A combination of factors — evolving relationships between developed and emerging economies, global institutions and nation states and public and private sectors — has led to a greater understanding of the connection and interdependency between business and society. There is an expectation that business addresses social and environmental issues through its operations, products and services and its unique expertise.

At EY, we do this through:

  • Our marketplace
    The most significant impact we can have on society is by supporting global and local economic stability and growth. It's through our client work and the influence we can have on the wider business world by making a commitment to audit independence, financial transparency and sound governance and by fostering and encouraging entrepreneurship around the globe that we can contribute to a better working world.
  • Our workplace
    While our core business is all about delivering exceptional service to our clients, we know that if we attract and retain the best people — and invest in them — we will deliver the best results for our clients. We pride ourselves on having the highest performing teams and strive to be a highly inclusive organization.
  • Supporting our communities
    We invest in our communities, both close to home and in emerging markets, through skills-based volunteering. We invest in education to ensure that future generations have the skills required for societies to thrive. We know, too, that entrepreneurs can transform economies, drive innovation and change communities. We invest, therefore, in small- to medium-size businesses, social enterprises and entrepreneurs, particularly women and youth.
  • Managing our environmental impact
    The biggest impact we can have on contributing to minimizing the negative effects of climate change is by supporting our clients and the marketplace as they move towards a low carbon economy. We also have a commitment and a responsibility to manage our own operations in a way that reduces our own environmental footprint.

Please note: EY does not accept unsolicited requests for funding or volunteer engagements.